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The Principles of Design – What Makes a Beautiful Building

At Neenan Archistruction, in Fort Collins, Colorado,  we strive to create buildings that not only look stunning but are also highly functional. From commercial office spaces to modern residential homes, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with top-notch designs that combine beauty and functionality. Read more to learn about our company’s design principles. 


Proportion and Scale

The first principle of design in creating an aesthetically pleasing building is proportion and scale. Proportion refers to the size and shape of a building, and scale refers to the size of a building in relation to its surrounding environment. Both are equally important as it improves the structures and looks harmonious with their environment. 

cool building with textured materials on windows

Texture and Material

The second principle of design to consider is texture and material. When an architectural designer is looking at a new development, they determine the texture by the type of material they use. Material and texture play an important role in creating an eye-catching façade and a more interesting aesthetic.

green building surrounded by trees


More businesses and homeowners are seeking sustainable construction and design. The sustainable architecture utilizes energy-efficient and environmentally friendly materials. This includes solar power, wind power, and non-toxic, durable materials. It’s a great way to make a building look beautiful and reduce the environmental impact. 

beautiful glass windows in building

Space and Light

Space and light are our last principle of design, and both have an important role in the efficiency of the building. Natural light can create an inviting atmosphere and reduce the need for artificial lighting. Space can create an efficient and functional building for everyone. 

Neenan Archistruction uses these principles every time we receive the opportunity to construct and design a new building. We encourage our clients to ask our contractors about these design principles and how we are inputting them into your building. We want to make your building beautiful and functional. Contact us today!

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