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Archistruction architecture and construction design.

Our Archistruction Process: A Beginners Guide

When it comes to the world of property development, navigating the construction and design process can be intimidating. At Neenan Archistruction in Colorado, we strive to make the architectural design and construction process as clear and straightforward as possible. Today, our experts are here to provide a beginner’s guide to our archistruction process, highlighting some of the key steps involved in new development projects! If you’re ready to get started with our construction and design team, contact us today!

Design Consultation

Our process begins with an initial consultation with an architectural designer, where we’ll discuss your project goals, budget, and timeline. During this stage, we’ll also take into consideration any relevant zoning and building codes.

Site Analysis

Once we’ve established your project goals and parameters, we’ll conduct a thorough site analysis to evaluate the site’s suitability for construction. We’ll take into account factors such as topography, soil conditions, and environmental concerns.

Schematic Design

The schematic design phase is where we’ll begin to conceptualize the look and feel of your new development. We’ll produce sketches, drawings, and 3D models to help you visualize the design.

Construction Documents

Once we’ve finalized the design, we’ll begin producing the construction documents, which are the detailed drawings and specifications that will guide the construction process.

Construction and Closeout

With the construction documents in hand, we’ll begin the construction phase, working closely with you to ensure that the project is completed on time and within budget. Once construction is complete, we’ll conduct a final inspection and provide ongoing support to ensure that your new development is functioning as intended.

Work With Our Construction and Design Experts Today!

The archistruction process can seem daunting, but with the right team of experts, it can be a smooth and rewarding experience. At Neenan Archistruction, we pride ourselves on our ability to guide clients through the entire construction and design process, from initial design consultation to final construction and closeout. Whether you’re embarking on a commercial, educational, government, or healthcare project, we’re here to help make your vision a reality. Contact us today!

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