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The Neenan Company is rethinking the way that buildings are designed and constructed. At Neenan, we bring together professionals of many disciplines to work concurrently, under one roof — combining design, functionality, and cost — to create cost-effective solutions which reflect our client’s identity and respect their strategic and capital goals. We are looking for a great network of highly qualified subcontractor partners to achieve these goals.

As a subcontractor, you are required to prequalify with us to be eligible to work with The Neenan Company. If you are a subcontractor who has worked with Neenan previously and would like to re-qualify, please contact our Prequalification Department by email at

What you need to start

As part of the prequalification process, you will be required to submit the following documentation. All required documents must be attached electronically at the time you submit your prequalification form. Please submit all required attachments, or upload a document stating why certain forms were not included.

  • Current Unaudited Financial Statements (Income Statement and Balance Sheet). Your Prequalification Status will remain valid for 6-12 months past the date on your financials. To remain qualified as long as possible, please attach your most recent interim financial statements.
  • Signed W9 Form: A current signed W9 Form is required.
  • Trade Supplier References: Must provide references from three (3) main trade suppliers. Please include an email address, as well as phone and fax numbers.

A sample subcontract is available upon request.

In addition, please review the requirements on our sample Certificate of Insurance.

To begin the Prequalification Process, we will need to issue you a Prequalification Request in email. Click here to begin: We will need your company name and federal tax ID (EIN) included in the email message. Upon receiving your message, we will respond shortly with a link and password to the Prequalification website.

Thank you for your participation in this process!