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Meaningful Work Together

One employee describes Neenan as, “a place where people live their own, unique, and best life.” From meaningful projects to a unifying culture, we have fun while designing and building great spaces. Our diverse thinkers play with ideas and share perspectives.

Walking into our office, there’s an energy, determination, and fun collegiality. The space is open, small groups are having conversations, people jamming to music on headphones, others are videoconferencing with jobsites, and quite often, there’s a buzz around a table of food or candy bowl.

Integrate into Communities Together

We develop, design, and build space that: 

    • Elevate communities with places to be well, learn, and lead
    • Provide healthcare to low and uninsured populations like agricultural workers
    • Bolster entrepreneurs with productive and happy spaces
    • Increase high-end orthopedic care and market share
    • Give new life to historic buildings

From coaching sports teams to leveraging the local businesses and trades, we contribute to the communities where we work. In our own Northern Colorado community, we support a variety of non-profit organizations. Our internal FUNdraising team hosts garage games, golf tournaments, grill competitions, and impromptu Friday afternoon celebrations.   

Growing as Individuals Together

Developing and training is part of our journey. As design-build pioneers, we are evolving our workstyles, theories, and processes. With homegrown leadership, the company prioritizes upward movement and long-term career journeys. Thorough leadership training based on the work of Fernando Flores, Fred Kofman Mikel Vanry, and Gloria Kelly there’s a multitude of personal and professional growth opportunities.  Our leadership theory is based on building strong relationships and effective workflow to produce results.