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The Importance of Employee Workflow in Healthcare Architectural Design

COVID-19 not only put a spotlight on the growing shortage of healthcare workers in the United States, but it also put a spotlight on the inefficiencies in the systems, including the inefficiencies in employee workflow caused by a poor architectural design. Neenan Archistruction® is a Fort Collins-based architecture and construction company that offers modern architectural designs for healthcare. Learn about the importance of employee workflow in healthcare architectural design, and contact us today!

Improves Response Times

Bottlenecks typically occur at entrances and exits at healthcare facilities, and when you take into consideration gurneys, wheelchairs, walkers, those on crutches, and the like, hallways can become quite congested, impeding healthcare workers who need to respond quickly to patients. Your architectural design firm can help improve and even eliminate bottlenecks and improve response times with their designs.

Lessens Employee Stress

There is no doubt that healthcare workers have a large amount of stress to bear. From ensuring those who need help immediately are cared for to routine and preventative care for their patients, healthcare workers need constant innovations to help them lower stress and eliminate burnout. A superior architectural design for a new or remodeled healthcare facility can vastly reduce employee stress when their workflow is improved by areas designed with them in mind.

Enhances Safety for All

Staying safe is paramount for everyone at a healthcare facility, and there are now many threats, including those from the outside, that need to be considered. By having an architectural design that considers employee workflow, safety will be improved as everyone will be able to move around comfortably without having to worry about tripping hazards and the like.

Improves Customer Experience

A congested hallway or hindered responses due to a poor workflow design in a healthcare facility is definitely noticed by patients. They can sense the healthcare staff’s stress and experience a delayed response. However, by partnering with the right architecture and construction firm, your patients will feel the difference immediately.


Neenan Archistruction® is proud to offer modern healthcare architectural and design services to our customers near Fort Collins and nationwide. Our team works diligently to improve the workflow of healthcare workers with our designs, thereby impacting patients’ experience. To get started, call to schedule a conversation today!

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