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Healthcare Building Design & Construction
The Neenan Archistruction™ Process
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The Neenan Company’s Unique Approach to Healthcare Building Planning, Design & Construction

The Neenan Company, based out of Fort Collins, CO, has never been your typical architectural design or construction firm. We’ve refined and customized the entire process of healthcare building planning, design, and construction to such a degree that we’ve been able to trademark the process — Archistruction™. We’ve developed a wholly unique process for building healthcare facilities in the Rocky Mountain Region, as well as across the country, and we’d like to invite you to learn more about what sets The Neenan Company apart from any other design and construction firm in the nation. The entirety of the Archistruction process, from initial planning to final ribbon-cutting, issues forth from a single thought — “It’s not about the building, it’s about what the building enables you to do.”

Healthcare Facility Planning

It’s very common for new clients to come to us with hardly more than a vague vision of what they dream that their healthcare facility could be. Our job at The Neenan Company is to transform that vision of the ideal healthcare building and make it a physical reality.

One of the singular aspects of our Archistruction process is that it is entirely all-encompassing, including the beginning planning stages of healthcare building design. You don’t need to come to us with a fully-realized idea. All you need to bring with you is a tiny seed, and we’ll make it grow into something spectacular.

Start at the Beginning

The planning stage for building your healthcare facility is paramount. Without proper planning, a healthcare project can implode on itself before it even has a chance to get started. The Neenan Company knows the importance of starting your healthcare build out on the right foot, and our Archistruction process has developed several tools over our decades of experience in order to plan effectively. With Neenan, we’ll help plan your facility in several ways, including:

Determining the Conditions for Satisfaction for Your Healthcare Building

An additional step that Neenan includes in the planning phase with you, which you won’t find with many other firms, is to determine the conditions of satisfaction early on in the process. When we are able to establish the identity of your team’s community, it will greatly help us to chart out the best course of action and necessary steps to take. These meetings help us to set up a plan that makes the best use of your space and ensures that your healthcare staff can work both effectively and efficiently. The bounty that is reaped from these initial meetings leads directly into the next step of our Archistruction process — CDP, or the Collaborative Design Process.

Healthcare Building Design

At the Neenan Company, we believe that your healthcare operation is distinctive and that your aspirations are completely unique. Because of this, your healthcare building shouldn’t just reflect your goals for proper healthcare — it should realize them. The design stage of your healthcare build with Neenan is entirely collaborative and unlike any other design process that you’re likely to encounter with other architecture and construction firms. The level of inclusivity and communication that is hardwired into our design process should far exceed your expectations, and also includes your entire healthcare staff community and board members.

Objectives of the Collaborative Design Process

The design of your healthcare building will be focused on the answers to these questions:

  1. How do you want your healthcare building to feel?
  2. What feeling do you want to communicate to your patients while they occupy the patient suites?
  3. How can the systems we implement and the materials we use streamline the maintenance of your building?
  4. How do you imagine the traffic flow of patients and staff to be, both in the facility and in the surrounding area?

The answers to these questions will help us to develop any new ideas and options that can be both presented and tested, along with corresponding budgets and schedules. This collaborative design process will help us to accurately establish the character of the healthcare facility that you would like designed, and further evolve the site plan overall, and the building plan in particular. When we know what major systems need to be implemented early on in the build process, we can more accurately estimate all of the factors that will come into play for the duration of our healthcare build with you.

How do you want your healthcare building to feel?
What feeling do you want to communicate to your patients while they occupy the patient suites?
How can the systems we implement and the materials we use streamline the maintenance of your building?
How do you imagine the traffic flow of patients and staff to be, both in the facility and in the surrounding area?
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Healthcare Facility Pre-Construction

Although you may have the urge to jump right into the construction phase of your healthcare building project, the Neenan Archistruction process includes an additional step to ensure that the values of your project are being met to your highest expectations.

Every healthcare build will have different long and short-term goals. Some of our clients prefer to emphasize a responsible initial cost to their building project, while others will put more of their focus on low-cost maintenance. We wholeheartedly encourage each of our clients to determine what they value the most in this regard, and we allow them to define the value of their project. Our expertise allows us to offer many different options pertaining to the best finishes, systems, and even how to furnish the completed healthcare facility.

Target Costing Strategy

This entire pre-construction phase is based on a building concept called “target costing.” This is an approach to building design that specifically incorporates cost as a factor, the goal of which is to minimize waste and to maximize value in the project. The problem that many clients frequently run into with other firms, especially when they may be working with separate design and construction teams, is that each side of the building equation wants to present the option that most benefits themselves and their own self-interests. The result of this competitive mindset is usually wildly inflated costs that inflate the price tag of your healthcare building. Our collaborative design process totally eliminates this conflict of interests, aligning cost with value, and keeping your best interest as our main focus.

Healthcare Building Construction

The direct interaction between Neenan’s construction and design teams begins on the very day that you sign with us, and doesn’t conclude until after your project is finished. Not only are all of our designers, preconstruction managers, and project managers all in-house, they literally sit together for the duration of your project, providing ample opportunity for natural interaction and communication. This is unique to our Archistruction process.

Our design team is not contractually obligated to work with our construction team — instead, they function as two arms on the same body structure. The shared interests of these two teams are your interests. The members of our design team that are assigned to your healthcare project communicate on a daily basis with the field superintendent on your build, and attend each of the meetings that we have with you. Our design team is present to work with the construction team to develop options that could increase your project’s value, as well as being present to review the construction quality regularly.

Owner Feedback and Communication

The Neenan Company takes pride in the level of open communication and feedback that we facilitate between ourselves and the owners of our healthcare building projects. In addition to welcoming communication through practically any channel, we take the liberty to set up regular meetings and times for project reviews. These meetings usually include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Regularly scheduled healthcare building owner meetings during the design and construction process to further develop costs, constructability, schedules, early problem solving, and to discuss all options that are available to you. These options can develop into more specific aspects of the project as the process continues.
  • Intermittent work sessions are put in place to address specific issues in regards to healthcare staff, community, mechanical systems, and more.
  • Predetermined design checkpoints, which we refer to as “toll gates,” are used as formal sign-off points for projects. Each toll gate in your build process has criteria that absolutely must be met in order to officially be signed off on. This will involve an internal review with key consultants, and a review with you, the owner of the healthcare project.

Neenan Healthcare Archistruction™ in Colorado & Nationwide

The Neenan Company is headquartered at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in Fort Collins, Colorado, and as such, we have a special place in our hearts for this region. We’re not tethered to Colorado, however, and have completed many outstanding and successful healthcare building projects across the country. In addition to healthcare, we’ve tackled everything from music venues and breweries, to hotels and financial institutions. We hope that our entrepreneurial spirit encourages you to contact The Neenan Company today and begin the Archistruction™ process of turning your healthcare facility vision into a reality. We accomplish that task in a way that is totally revolutionary and unlike anything you would’ve ever anticipated.


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