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Blueprint with a ruler and pen on top of it.

Our Collaborative Design Process Explained

At Neenan Archistruction, we understand that building design is a collaborative process. That’s why we’ve developed our Collaborative Design Process (CDP) to ensure that our clients are involved in every step of the design and construction process.

Group of people standing around looking at pieces of paper.


Discovering Your Vision

The CDP is an integral part of our Archistruction process, which includes everything from development to design to construction. During this phase, we work closely with our clients to answer questions and gather input on their vision for the building. We bring together the client’s entire staff and community, as well as their board members, to ensure that everyone’s voices are heard.


Two men looking towards a building, with one gesturing towards it.


Realizing Your Building Space

Our goal during the CDP is to understand how our clients want their building space to feel and what they want to communicate to those who enter their space. For medical facilities, in particular, we explore how the building design can help create a healing environment. We also consider how the systems we implement and materials we use can streamline maintenance and how we can create an efficient flow of customer traffic both inside the building and on the site overall.


Two people writing on a blueprint with a hard hat sitting beside them.


Putting a Plan Together

Through a series of meetings and check-ins, we help our clients establish the character of the building they want and determine the site and building plan in detail. By determining major systems and components early on in the process, we can more accurately estimate costs and timelines for the entire project.


3D blueprint being drawn up.


An Entirely Unique Design Process

At Neenan, we believe that the best building designs come from collaboration and open communication between all parties involved. Our CDP process ensures that our clients are involved in every step of the process and that their vision for the building is fully realized.

Neenan’s Collaborative Design Process is a unique and inclusive approach to building design. By involving clients, staff, community members, and board members, we ensure that everyone’s voices are heard and that the final design meets the needs and expectations of all stakeholders. Trust Neenan’s CDP for your next building project. Contact us today!


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