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Impact Your Community With A New Government Building

As you are preparing to build a new government building, you will need to take into account a lot of different things. From regulations to accessibility, you will always be working towards reducing risk while improving your community. When you work with The Neenan Company, we will help you to streamline the way that people lead, grow, and maintain your community. Our team is filled with design and building pioneers, and we have partnered with numerous communities to help to improve their buildings. We have worked on maintenance facilities, offices, gathering spaces, healthcare, and much more. Whether you need a new building or renovation at the federal, state, or local level, our processes can help! Learn more about our government design and building projects here, and get in touch with Neenan to get started!

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A Unique Approach To Design And Construction

At The Neenan Company, we work diligently to give you the best in everything we do. That’s why we don’t take a traditional route towards completing your project. Instead, we have used our unique design and construction process called “Archistruction” since 1997. The idea behind Archistruction is that it’s not about the building, but it’s about what the building enables you to do. As you, your workers, and your community will be engaging with this building on a day-to-day basis, we want to ensure that everything is perfect for you.

Building Planning

It’s not uncommon for clients to only come to us with a vague idea, and that is perfectly fine! Whether you only have a dream and a small idea or you have fully fledged plans already, the team at Neenan can assist. Since Archistruction is all-encompassing, it includes the initial planning stages throughout the government building design. We always will work directly with you to ensure your design is meeting your everyday needs.

In the planning phase, we will work with you to ensure everything is just right before we proceed to the actual building portion. In this process, we will work to:

  • Help you find a site for your government facility
  • Assess the current space you are using to determine your needs
  • Assess the new property that you’re seeking to purchase
  • Plan and create a budget to wisely spend your funding
  • Formulate a master plan for your facility’s build
  • Assist with city entitlements
  • And more!

Collaborative Design

All throughout our processes, we will be asking you for feedback and ideas. This collaboration allows us to build you a facility that meets your needs, and keeps your end goals in mind at all times. Some of the main questions we will seek to answer during this design process include:

  • How do you want your government facility to feel?
  • In what way can the systems we implement and the materials we use streamline maintenance and lower cost to taxpayers?
  • How do you imagine the flow of citizens and employee traffic to be, both inside and outside of the building?

As we answer these questions with you, we will be able to continue making the space not only look great, but feel and function great as well!

Pre-Construction And Target Costing

As we begin construction on your new government facility, we work to follow a process called “target costing.” This approach incorporates cost as a factor in your overall process. With our collaborative process and target costing, we will constantly be able to keep you updated on new timelines, budgets, and any other issues that may arise.

Constructing Your New Government Facility

Since our design and construction teams work directly with one another, we will be with you from conception to completion. Not only do our team members work in the same building, but they also will be positioned next to each other throughout your whole building project. In many cases, design and construction teams are separate entities that are contractually obligated to work together. This can create conflict and issues, but that is not the case at Neenan. Since our teams are two arms of the same body, they will be working together daily to bring you a new, beautiful building!

Contact Neenan To Get Started

When you are in need of a new government facility, get in touch with The Neenan Company. We will partner with you to bring your ideas to fruition so that you can serve your community! Call us today to learn more.

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