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Create A Great Healthcare Facility For Your Patients And Doctors

Are you getting ready to build a new healthcare center or upgrade your existing building? You will want to have a building that helps you to improve your patients’ care, increases staff efficiency, optimizes your spaces, and attracts new patients. At The Neenan Company, we apply our unique approach to design and construction called Archistruction™. Throughout this process, we aim to transform the patient experience and enhance performance while we work closely with you, the owner. At the end of the day, you will be the one using this space day in and day out, and we want to make sure that we are providing you with a high-quality, functional healthcare facility. In today’s blog we’ll discuss what the building process looks like for a healthcare facility when you work with Neenan. Continue reading to learn more, or get in touch with our team to start your own project!

create a space that fits your visionPlanning Your Healthcare Facility

The first step to either building a new healthcare center or upgrading your existing building is to create an excellent plan. Throughout this process, the team at Neenan can help! Some of the planning steps that we will execute include:

  • Working with you to find an appropriate site for your building
  • Assessing your current healthcare space or spaces and determining your needs
  • Assessing the property that you’re seeking to buy for compatibility with your existing and future needs
  • Planning and creating a budget and design for a loan
  • Finding dependable sources of capital
  • Formulating a master plan for your healthcare building project
  • Assistance with any necessary city entitlements
  • And more

Alongside all of these items, we will discover your conditions of satisfaction. In doing this, we will work with you to establish the identity of your team and your community so that we can help to design a space that serves their needs every step of the way.

Collaborative Building Design

When you work with Neenan, you won’t have competing contractors working towards what is best for them. In many cases, you’ll work with a design firm and a building contractor. We have design and construction teams that work together, not only in the same building, but they will even sit together as they collaborate on your project! Throughout the whole design process, we partner with you to make sure we are meeting your needs. We know that this healthcare building will need to assist you in giving your patients the best experience possible.

To best give you what you need, we will work with you to answer the following questions, as well as others:

  • How do you want your healthcare building to feel?
  • What feeling do you want to communicate to your patients when they visit your facility and occupy the rooms?
  • How can the systems we implement and the materials we use streamline the maintenance of your building?
  • How do you imagine the traffic flow of patients and staff to be, both in the facility and in the surrounding area?

As we gain more information from you, it will allow us to design a new building with you that you will be delighted to use every day!

Target Costing And Pre-Construction

We know that plans always tend to get a bit convoluted once you start executing them. Maybe there’s a delay with building ordinances or maybe a shipment of materials comes in a bit late. When you work with Neenan, we utilize a process called target costing during our preconstruction and construction phases. This allows us to give you up-to-date timelines and budgets, and gives us the opportunity to discuss any possible issues with you as we work toward the best outcome.

Construction Of Your Facility

Once all the plans and little details are ironed out, it’s time to get started with the building! We will begin construction on your healthcare facility, keeping you informed every step of the way. We will schedule regular meetings with you to ensure we are meeting your needs with the construction and discuss any issues with you as they come up. Once your building is finished, we will hand it off to you so you can get started caring for your patients!

Get Started With A New Healthcare Building

No matter where you are in the planning or design process, the team at The Neenan Company can help you! We have built more than 200 medical facilities across the country, and we are ready to bring your dreams to life. Contact us today to start your new project!

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