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A Different Way To Architecture: The Neenan Company

In the world of architecture, innovation and sustainability are two of the most critical components of any successful project. Neenan Archistruction, a Fort Collins-based architecture and construction firm, is at the forefront of this new era of architecture. Our unique approach combines architectural design and construction to deliver sustainable, efficient, and collaborative building solutions that are unmatched in the industry. Learn more and contact our experts to get started!

Combines Design and Construction

Neenan Archistruction’s approach is fundamentally different from that of traditional architecture firms. Rather than outsourcing construction to a third party, we combine design and construction under one roof. This allows for a more seamless, efficient, and collaborative process from start to finish, with greater control over quality and cost!

Award-Winning Company

Neenan Archistruction has been recognized time and time again for our innovative approach and exceptional outcomes. We have won numerous awards, including a Mercury 100 Award for Top 5 Biggest Revenue Growth Companies in 2017 along with Winner of IIDA’s Awards for CEC in the Learn category. These accolades demonstrate our commitment to design and construction and the ability to deliver superior results!

Collaborative Processes Always

At Neenan Archistruction, collaboration is at the heart of everything we do. We work closely with all of our clients, using a collaborative process to ensure that the project meets their unique needs and goals. This approach allows for greater communication and transparency, resulting in a final product that is truly aligned with the client’s vision.

Community Development and Alignment

In addition to our commitment to sustainable architecture and collaborative processes, Neenan Archistruction is also dedicated to community development and alignment. We work closely with property developers and local communities to ensure that our projects are not only sustainable and efficient but also serve the needs of the community. This approach has resulted in numerous successful projects that are truly integrated into the fabric of local communities.

Neenan Company architecture infographic.


Choose Our Construction and Design Property Developers Today!

Neenan Archistruction‘s unique approach to architecture, which combines design and construction, prioritizes sustainability and collaboration, and aligns with community development goals, setting us apart from other architectural firms in Colorado and beyond. Our innovative and sustainable solutions continue to transform the industry, and we are well-positioned to lead the way into a more sustainable and efficient future for architecture and construction. Reach out to our architectural designers today!

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