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What is Construction Engineering?

Construction engineering is the sound building practice of building projects that take into consideration the design, structural integrity, and the impact of buildings. Neenan Archistruction® is a Fort-Collins based architectural design and construction firm that uses construction engineering principles in all of our commercial building projects. Learn more about construction engineering below, and reach out to our team today!

Ensure Structurally Sound Buildings

One of the main purposes of using construction engineering is to ensure the building under construction is structurally sound. After all, the last thing you want is for your building to cave in, collapse, or otherwise be foundationally insecure that then could sustain damage in the next storm, posing a risk to staff and customers.

Help to Develop Building Plans

Since construction engineers work to ensure buildings can withstand loading, including the weight of people and objects placed inside, as well as hold up to Mother Nature’s wrath, such as the weight of snow, they are intricately involved in the planning and development phase of commercial, education, government, and healthcare buildings.

Help to Implement Building Plans

During the building phase, construction engineers serve to ensure every construction aspect has been performed correctly. They look for structural inefficiencies throughout the entire commercial building process that could compromise the integrity of buildings, such as cracks, doors that stick, uneven flooring, a roof that looks uneven, and the like.

Oversee the Construction and the Final Result of the Building Plan

At the end of the construction project, construction engineers ensure each commercial building is built to the exact specifications. There are many inspections prior to and after completion that a construction engineer will perform, looking for any flaws in order to fix them. Their knowledge and expertise ensure your commercial, education, government, and healthcare building is good to go.


With our customers’ 100% satisfaction in mind, Neenan Archistruction® based in Fort Collins aims to ensure your building will stand the test of time. Our architects, construction engineers, construction project managers, and others work diligently to build you a commercial building that will serve you and your customers. Call to schedule a consultation today!


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