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The Use of Construction Technology in Our Building Process

When it comes to keeping your commercial building project on-time and on-budget, any tools and/or resources that can increase inefficiencies are welcomed. Construction technology has helped commercial construction companies immensely. Neenan Archistruction® stays abreast of the latest in construction technology in order to better serve our customers. Learn how we use construction technology in the building process, and get in touch today.


Drones are becoming immensely popular and can vastly improve the commercial construction process. They are becoming invaluable for site preparation by being able to quickly survey sites and send back images for digital processing. Plus, they can inspect buildings and bridges where humans can’t safely and quickly.

Data Collection Apps

Before, there was no efficient way to track movements on a job site. Now, with data collection apps, workers and equipment can be tracked as they move about a job site, and this data can be imputed in order to understand movements and implement ways to move materials more efficiently around. This improves workflow and helps with job safety and equipment compliance, too.

 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

 AI is also being used to monitor jobsite progress in a way that wasn’t possible before, offering real-time suggestions for improvements. Drones with LiDAR photography can now scan construction sites daily in order to identify any errors in work performed. This ensures mistakes are not compounded and fixes can be performed in real-time.

 Augmented and Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual reality has the potential to drastically cut worksite accidents by offering employees the ability to train on heavy equipment operation in many ways, including in one-off ways that pose a real danger to employees. It can also be used to help employees avoid hazards, and it can be used in the office to give customers a real-life view of their construction project during the design and planning stage.


Fort Collins-based Neenan Archistruction® prides itself on ensuring that both our customers’ and our employees’ needs are met. By ensuring job site safety and that our customers can monitor their commercial building construction as it happens, we ensure top-level performance, customer satisfaction, and commercial design projects that are on-time and on-budget. Call today.

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