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Integrating Technology Into Education

Technology is no longer the “way of the future.” It is the way of now! Schools have been embracing new forms of technology both in and out of the classroom for many years, but with spikes in technology for education in recent years, it is becoming more and more important for schools to embrace new processes and options as they continue to teach students of all ages. In today’s post, we’ll take a look at some of the ways you can begin to integrate technology into your school to foster new and unique ways of learning.


At The Neenan Company, we love to see young people learn and thrive. That is why we always get excited to help build or remodel educational centers using our unique blend of architecture and construction — Archistruction™! We know that students in a fun and exciting environment are more likely to engage with their material as they work toward success. To learn more about how we can help you in your new school project, contact our team today!

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Supplement Lessons With Video


Thanks to sites like YouTube, there are millions and millions of videos available in an instant, relating to any subject you can think of. While we definitely don’t recommend showing only videos to substitute your teaching, adding a short, memorable video once or twice a week can help boost the retention for your students. Even if it’s a goofy video that only references the topic at hand, they may remember that video later and it can be easier for them to recall the rest of the lesson.


Talk To Subject Experts


If you are teaching a new subject or delving into some new territory with your students, it always helps to hear directly from experts. Reading in books or hearing interviews can only get a student so far when they want to understand better. Thanks to video calling software like Zoom, Skype, and others, you may be able to connect directly to field experts and allow them to speak directly to your class and answer any questions. This creates far more memorable experiences and can deepen a student’s understanding.


Allow Students To Connect Outside The Classroom


Depending on the age group you teach, most of your students probably already have a phone, computer, tablet, or at least easy access to them. In some cases, your school may even give out laptops or tablets directly to the students to aid in learning. There are a huge variety of networking opportunities — both educational and non-educational — that are available to help your classes connect with each other, even when they aren’t in school. Creating groups that allow them to discuss their lives, homework problems, and more can be helpful as they work to learn more, especially when some students are still learning from home due to Covid restrictions.


Smart Technology In The Classroom


Smart and interactive technology are some of the most fun ways that students can learn new material. Smart whiteboards, technology projects, and more all offer opportunities for students to engage with a subject in new and unique ways that were not possible before. These can lead to games, discussion, and increased engagement in the classroom.


Make Necessary Changes With Neenan


While these are just a few small ways you can begin integrating technology into your educational setting, there are many, many more ways that you may be considering as you prepare to build a new school building or remodel your existing one. Some may require a change to your existing infrastructure, and others may be simpler to implement. No matter what technology you would like to add, the team at The Neenan Company can help you create a high-quality and tech-friendly space to help your students grow. Contact us now to learn more!

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