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Finding the Right Architecture for the Ideal Learning Environment

Our kids are the future, so it’s important that we do everything possible to maximize their learning. Did you know that the layout and environment of the educational building itself can be a big factor in children’s learning? 


Neenan Archistruction® is a commercial building design and construction firm that specializes in commercial, education, healthcare, or government buildings. Our team of designers, architects, engineers, project managers, interior designers, and more are committed to ensuring our customers’ vision of their building comes to fruition. And, with our help, we aim to exceed their expectations of what a commercial building can be these days. Below, we’ll go over some ways you can find the right architecture for the ideal learning environment. Call to get started today!

Functional Educational Space Must Be in the Forefront

Classroom design can impact the way students will interact with others and with their learning environment. Having spaces for students to explore, create, have freedom of movement, have quiet places, and be able to collaborate with others is super important for learning. Thus, everything from the furniture down to the equipment must be arranged with forethought.

Design The School Environment To Promote Thinking

Learning environments can promote thinking or they can be the opposite — downright stifling. One great way to design the environment to promote thinking is to keep students’ health in mind. Incorporate many areas of natural light; be sure to include windows to see nature; and create nooks where students can interact with one another.

Classrooms Should Be Comfortable

Most of us grew up with metal chairs and wooden desks. If you recall, you probably spent a lot of time shifting in your chair, and you may have been thinking about how much your butt or back hurt rather than what the teacher was saying. Classrooms should be designed to be comfortable. This includes plenty of space for children to move around with wide aisles, comfortable tables, chairs, and workspaces created, soft objects to take advantage of, and even plants. Too much sitting is detrimental to everyone, including children, so having areas where children are encouraged to stand is a win/win for all!

Design Classrooms With The Children in Mind

This is where you get to be a kid again. Take a step back and look at the classroom from the perspective of a child. What do you see? You should see a room filled with objects to explore, reading materials to enjoy, and an overall sense of play and exploration. Of course, this will vary based on the age of the students in the classroom. However, the concept is universal. When children of any age are engaged, learning is facilitated and is fun!

Classroom Architecture Should Be Inspiring

If you think of all of your favorite buildings in the world (The Pantheon, The Colosseum, The Eiffel Tower, La Sagrada Familia, The Sydney Opera House, and more), you are probably inspired when you see them. Sure, their size is a big factor, but the design elements themselves contribute also. Classroom architectural design does not have to be boring; in fact, it should be inspiring. From domes in classrooms to even statues that speak to the locale, find ways to inspire children with architecture.

Use Principles of Interior Design

Architecture, building design, and interior design should be thought of together, not separately. What lies inside a classroom matters as much as what lies outside. When looking to craft the best learning environment, keep interior design elements in mind. Consider the color of the walls, the amount of natural and artificial light, the acoustics, the furniture, and the overall ambiance when designing the ideal classroom learning environment.

Keep Engagement As Your Overarching Goal in Mind

Probably the number one complaint of children is that they are “bored” at school. This sentiment only increases as a child ages. Thus, the overarching goal of education should be to keep children engaged at all times (a lofty goal, but possible for the most part). Having an ideal learning environment can make a difference in the lives of these students’ learning. One often overlooked area is noise level. When acoustics is taken into account when planning classrooms, children in all areas of the classroom can hear the teacher and be more engaged.


Neenan Archistruction® has built a reputation in Northern Colorado and beyond as an industry leader when it comes to educational building design and construction. Our team of architects, engineers, interior designers, construction project managers, and staff has decades of experience in designing forward-thinking educational buildings for children to enjoy and learn in for years to come. We use the latest design techniques, as well as the tried-and-true methods of the past, to innovate new designs that help our children learn and prepare them well for the 21st century and beyond.


With our unique Collaborative Design Process, we include our customers in every aspect of education construction, from site planning to the final walkthrough and finishing touches. Our mission is to exceed your expectations, ensure your educational building construction is on time and on budget, and provide a functional, beautiful, and engaging school everyone can enjoy. We want to elevate students’ and teacher experiences’ to a whole new level.


To get started, reach out to our team today!