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A Look at the Commercial Construction Process, Part 1

Here at Neenan Archistruction®, we are asked quite frequently what our construction process looks like. After all, the construction of a building (especially if it’s your building) can be fascinating. Below, we’ll take a look at our construction process, and if you are looking for a commercial construction company that offers healthcare, education, government, and commercial design/build, get in touch with our Fort Collins-based construction firm today.

Construction Planning and Development

The first step when a customer comes to us wanting a new building is the construction planning and development phase. Here is where the commercial, education, government, or healthcare building project will take shape and life. From choosing the location to deciding on a budget and general contractor, these first steps are crucial to the successful completion of your project.

Pre-Design of Building

During the pre-design phase, Neenan Archistruction® works closely with each customer in order to gauge their overarching goals, aesthetic desires, feel, and function of their new commercial, education, government, or healthcare building. In our Collaborative Design Process, we’ll ensure your goals are met, from the size of the rooms in your building to the workflow, staff and customers’ needs.

Design & Feasibility Analysis

The design and feasibility analysis process of commercial construction is where our architects shine. This process involves our architects, engineers, and other specialists who form a meeting of the minds to draw up your commercial building. Watching your building design come to life is magic, and we love presenting our ideas to our customers for feedback and re-design.


Once we have our design down, it’s time to get prepared to build. This can be an involved process, as building permits must be pulled, insurance obtained if necessary, a project manager assigned, subcontractors lined up, and more. However, as excitement builds, our construction team gets ready to dig deep.


Neenan Archistruction® is your go-to local builder for commercial, education, government, or healthcare building projects. Based in Fort Collins, our team is honored when you partner with us for your commercial building project. We believe our unique approach to building (what we call archistruction®) puts your every need first. To get started, call us to start a conversation today!

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