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What To Expect When Working With Neenan For Construction

When you partner with The Neenan Company, you can expect collaboration between you and your team, our construction teams, and our design teams to begin right away! Our Archistruction™ process will not end until your project is completed, and we are always going to check with you for feedback and provide you with up-to-date schedules and cost choices. 

You’ll find that all of our designers, preconstruction managers, and project managers not only work under the same roof, but they also all sit together during a project! This type of collaboration between our internal teams makes it easy for you to provide input that can be implemented into your project in a timely manner. It also makes Archistruction™ more streamlined overall, since it’s not several different contractors or teams spread across cities or states, which can be the case in some building projects. Contact Neenan today to learn more about our process and continue reading today’s post to find out more about what working with us will look like for your project.

Design Involvement In Construction

The connectedness between our designers and construction teams ensures that they are always working hard to achieve your goals. Through meetings, designs, and implementations, we want to always work hard to make sure that our shared interests are meeting and exceeding your interests. Our design team will be present with the construction teams to help develop options that will increase project value and ensure that the construction quality is up to our high standards.

Feedback And Communication

The reason that Neenan has designed our unique Archistruction™ process is because we value communication from you, the owner! We will continually ask for and encourage feedback and communication throughout your building project. Through regularly scheduled meetings, we will review progress, budgets, schedules, and much more. Some of the ways we will communicate with you include:

  • Owner meetings that will develop cost, constructability, schedules, solve problems, and discuss available options. 
  • Intermittent work sessions that will address specific issues with staff, community, mechanical systems, and more.
  • Predetermined design checkpoints that we refer to as “toll gates” that are used for formal sign-offs on projects. Each of these will have criteria that needs internal reviews as well as reviews by you, the owner.

Turning Your Vision Into A Reality


Throughout the whole process of design, preconstruction, construction, and more, the goal at The Neenan company is to transform your vision into a reality. We don’t want this to simply be a new building, but we want this project to make your dreams come true. That’s why we use Archistruction™! We want this experience to be pleasant, simple, and enjoyable throughout so you can be satisfied with the end result.

From school buildings, government projects, medical facilities, music venues, and much more, Neenan has had the privilege to work on hundreds of different projects. When you are ready to experience the difference that Archistruction™ can bring to your dreams, get in touch with our team! From designers to construction teams, we are all ready to help build your new future.


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