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What Most Patients Want In A Healthcare Facility

When patients are choosing a medical facility, in most places they will have a wide variety of options. If you operate a hospital or other large medical center, it is important to craft an inviting space that will encourage new patients to choose your services as well as encouraging existing patients to return instead of trying a new facility next time they need care. In today’s post, we’ll take a look at a variety of the important factors that patients will consider when they are choosing what facility to attend for their next doctor visit.

At The Neenan Company, we have extensive experience in building medical facilities that will foster patient care and comfort as well as allowing your doctors, nurses, and other staff to work efficiently. If you are building a new medical facility, we can help. Whether you are getting ready to launch a large hospital or a simple family practice, our team can assist with finding the right property, planning the design, and executing efficiently with our signature process of Archistruction™. Contact us today to learn more about our building services!

Multiple Services

One of the first things that patients consider is the types of care that are offered at your facility. If you are operating a hospital, how many different departments and specialists do you have? Patients with more complex medical issues don’t want to have to go to multiple different facilities if they don’t have to. While many of these types of offices are usually grouped nearby, it can be a hassle depending on the situation. People also like to know they can count on one facility to take care of all their family’s needs, no matter what the situation is.

A Cafeteria

As trivial as this may sound, a good cafeteria is very important to both patients and family members. Having a place to sit and discuss a diagnosis with family and friends, or simply wait as a loved one is undergoing a procedure is key in the choice of hospital or medical center. This is especially true if patients will be staying for multiple days. While their food needs may be taken care of by the hospital staff, their guests will still need a place to get snacks and meals throughout the day.

Access To Entertainment

This doesn’t have to mean large TVs, game rooms, or anything extravagant, but even the simplicity of offering guest wifi access is something that patients and their families will remember. With so many people carrying around smartphones and tablets each day, being able to watch a show, check the weather, or get a little bit of work done as they wait will make an impact on the choice of healthcare center.

Education From Healthcare Providers

While this one has less to do with your facility and more to do with your staff, it is nonetheless vital. Patients are always looking for education from their healthcare providers. They don’t want to simply walk in, get treated, and walk out. They want to know what the treatment involves, why it is necessary, and how to avoid future complications. Most medical professionals are happy to provide this information, but some leave out this important step. Make sure that your team is always ready to give the most information possible to your patients and their guests so that everyone feels at ease throughout the whole process.

Spaces That Feel Open And Inviting

When entering a hospital or other facility, people want to be greeted with space, natural light, and some color. Walking into a bland, cramped medical facility puts everyone on edge, and doesn’t encourage repeat visits whenever medical care is needed. When you are designing your building, consider adding as much space and light as possible, especially to your entryways so you can work to calm as much tension as possible before the visit with the doctors begins.

Learn More With Neenan

The Neenan Company has been building and remodeling high-quality and highly efficient medical centers for many years. Get in touch with our team today to learn how we can help make your medical center stand out as you work to increase your patient base. We look forward to crafting the perfect space for you, your team, and your patients!

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