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Why Education Facility Construction Projects Can Use Our Archistruction

Are you looking for an architecture and construction company that can make your project simple? The Neenan Company is here to help! With our trademarked Archistruction™ process, we make your construction projects simple, efficient, and cost-effective. Our process is designed to facilitate the forward momentum of your project from start to finish. Get started working with our team today!

What is Archistruction?

Archistruction™ is an innovative approach to architecture and construction that goes beyond what other companies offer. Rather than communicating solely through contracts and abstract theories, we take full responsibility and accountability for everything related to your vision, from development to design to construction. Our approach is comprehensive and all-encompassing.

Project Beginnings

No matter where you are in your building journey, Neenan is here to help. We offer solutions for finding a building site, assessing your current space or spaces to determine your needs, assessing the building you’re seeking to buy, creating a budget and design for a loan, finding dependable sources of capital, and more.

Collaborative Design Process

The Collaborative Design Process (CDP) is a key part of Archistruction™. It includes meetings and check-ins to help us determine the character of your building, the site plan, and the building plan. We make sure to answer any questions you have and get a complete understanding of your goals and values. This process helps us to determine the best course of action and forward steps to take.

Target Costing

Target costing is an important part of the preconstruction phase. This process fosters accurate cost information, the ability to make value-based decisions, and the ability to provide transparent and competitive costs. We use target costing to minimize waste and create value, keeping your best interests in focus.


Constructability reviews are an essential part of project development and work to identify any potential issues or conflicts before they arise during construction. This proactive measure ensures that the project is built in an efficient and cost-effective manner by assessing the construction processes during the preconstruction phase. Constructability evaluations are important to guarantee that all procedures are being followed in order to avoid costly mistakes, delays, and other problems that can arise during the build.


The construction phase of Archistruction™ is where the design and construction teams work together to bring your vision to life. Our designers are connected to the construction team, making sure that their shared interests are also your interests. We use regular meetings and work sessions to address specific issues and ensure everything is going according to plan.

Neenan’s goal is to transform your vision into a reality. We have helped clients with a variety of builds, including campuses for school districts, government buildings, medical facilities, and music venues. Contact us today to get started on turning your vision into gold with the help of The Neenan Company and our Archistruction™ process!