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modern school hallway

Themes in Modern School Design

Modern school designs are an important part of educational construction. Neenan Archistruction in Fort Collins, Colorado, believes that the physical environment of a school can impact students learning and engagement. Our education center design team focuses on themes and trends in educational architecture to make sure our work meets the needs of schools. 

school children collaborating

Collaborative Spaces

Schools are not just a place for students to learn but a place for them to work together and collaborate. When we perform educational construction we keep collaborative spaces in mind so that students will be able to use the space for group projects or interactive activities. Our goal is to create a comfortable and inviting environment to work in. 

beautiful elementary school classroom with wooden furniture


As we create educational building designs we seek ways to add more sustainability so they last for decades. Incorporating green materials such as recycled wood, energy-efficient lighting, and renewable energy is popular in modern school design. Designing a school to be more sustainable also can educate students on their own environmental impact. 

modern school hallway

Aesthetically Pleasing 

No one wants to go to school in a building with white walls. Our job as educational building designers is to make each school aesthetically pleasing. When we design a school we focus on adding bright colors, choosing modern furniture, and comfortable lighting. This allows for a cheerful environment that is conducive to positive learning.

classroom with computers and screen

Technologically Efficient 

As we continue to rely on technology, it’s only natural that we add it to the design of schools. Looking at modern designs, schools now incorporate the latest technology in their facilities, from smartboards to each student receiving their own laptop. Technology will enhance teaching and learning, creating a more efficient environment. 

The modern design of schools is changing to foster a collaborative environment with a more sustainable and technologically efficient building. Neenan Archistruction has developed an educational construction process to meet the themes and trends seen in modern school designs. Contact us today to get started!

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