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The Symbolic Meanings Of Different Types Of Architecture

Architecture has been used to express symbolic meanings for centuries. From government buildings to religious structures, architecture is an important part of the human experience. At Neenan Archistruction, our construction company specializes in building design and construction, and our architectural designers can help you create beautiful structures that reflect your unique values. 

Below we have compiled a few examples of how different types of architecture can reflect various aspects of a culture, such as its values, beliefs, and history. Learn more about how we can help you create meaningful and symbolic architecture by contacting us today!

img of the The Church Of The Light

The Church Of The Light

The Church Of The Light in Ibaraki-Shi, Japan, is a simple building that uses light to symbolize spirituality. The main wall of the church has a void cut into it that acts as a window to let in natural light. This void is shaped like a Latin cross and is used to symbolize Christianity. 

img of the Falling Water house

Falling Water

Falling water is a house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright made to be an embodiment of organic architecture. This structure is intended to symbolize the harmonious relationship between people and nature and does so through natural lighting and, of course, waterfalls!

img of the Lotus Temple

Lotus Temple

The lotus flower is a sacred flower in Indian culture. Fariborz Sahba was inspired to use this sacred flower to symbolize spirituality by creating the Lotus Temple. This Temple is designed to look just like a lotus flower which, in Sahba’s words, “represents the manifestation of God.” 

img of the Milwaukee Art Museum

Milwaukee Art Museum

This kinetic structure was created as a war memorial by Eero Saarinen that features a moving wing! This wing was inspired by sails on a sailboat since this museum is located next to Lake Michigan and acts as a massive moving sunscreen. This was intended to give the building a sense of mobility and mimic how sailboats will adjust their sails on the water. 

Architecture is a powerful symbol of culture, history, and identity. Different types of architecture have their own symbolic meanings and can evoke strong emotions. For those looking to create their own meaningful structures, Neenan Archistruction is the perfect construction company to work with. With experienced building designers and construction professionals, we can help create a building design and construction project that will bring your vision to life. Contact Neenan Archistruction today and let us bring your vision to life.

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