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The Collaborative Design Process

At The Neenan company, we aim to do construction better. Most architecture or construction companies communicate primarily through contracts and abstract theories that help to protect their interests. This didn’t sit well with us, and we knew that we could do a better job at helping our clients create a building that they loved and would serve their specific needs perfectly. That is why we trademarked the term “Archistruction™” way back in 1997. Throughout the course of work done with Neenan and our Archistruction™ company, you will be able to use our Collaborative Design Process (CDP) which allows our team to work closely with yours, giving you responsibility and keeping us accountable throughout every stage of the work. Continue reading to learn more about our CDP, and get in touch with our team today to discover how we can leverage our experience and expertise to make your next project a success.

The Collaborative Design Process

The CDP is not like something that you will find in other architecture or construction firms. We immediately begin working with you to include you in the process of designing your buildings! We strive to provide high levels of inclusivity and communication that exceed expectations at every step. 

In the beginning of the CDP, we will discuss new options, and talk through all of your needs, dreams, and ideas. We can then start testing out designs and coming up with production budgets and schedules so you can always know what to expect next. Depending on your business structure, this process can even include your whole staff community and any board members you may have. 

Exceeding Your Expectations

During this stage of the CDP, we look to answer questions similar to:

  • How do you want your building space to feel?
  • If we’re designing a medical facility, what feeling do you want to communicate to your patients while they inhabit their suites?
  • How can the systems we implement and materials we use streamline maintenance?
  • How do you imagine the flow of customer traffic to be, both in the building and on the site in general

By answering these questions and others specifically related to your business, it will help us get a better idea of the designs you like best, and it can help you get a better idea about how everyday life will occur in your new building.

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What To Expect With The CDP

Throughout the Collaborative Design Process, you can expect a series of meetings and check-ins that will help to establish the character of the building that is being designed, as well as determining the overall site plan, including parking, outdoor structures, building plans, and more. Once we have the major systems ironed out and planned, we can begin working on a budget estimate that will include all of these factors that will come into play throughout your project.

Get Started With Neenan Today

Are you ready to partner with The Neenan Company and experience the impactful and beneficial CDP? Get in touch with our team today to learn more about how we can help you create the building project of your dreams!

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