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Sitting area with beer
Big collection facility
Stainless steel tanks
side view of building
Front of building with parking lot

New Belgium Brewing Co.- Fort Collins, Colorado

Since their original project, The Neenan Company has worked with New Belgium Brewing on the several facility improvements, renovations, and expansions, including:

    • Original brewhouse
    • Liquid center
    • Wastewater treatment
    • Brewhouse 2
    • Malt building
    • Warehouse expansion
    • Cellar expansions
    • Canning line addition
    • Central utility plant
    • Office addition
    • Microbiology, analytical, and instrumentation lab expansions


The entire brewery campus, both interior and exterior, was built in a 3D animation and modeling program to explore expansion opportunities for their ever-changing site. This model-making technology allowed brewery leadership to visualize possibilities and options of design, cost, and scheduling before making a large investment.

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Fort Collins, CO