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Cafeteria Area
Front of School
Side View of School

Creede K-12 School District

The new building will be what is called a 21st Century school. The idea was to bring fresh air, natural light and green energy into the plans to enhance learning and take full advantage of the beautiful landscape surrounding the school.


Modern day technology will be placed throughout the building allowing learning throughout the halls, classrooms and other facilities. The school will be self-sufficient and run mostly on recycled energies, such as solar power. The building design has been drawn according to the needs and wants of the community.


Mineral County Commissioner Scott Lamb said, “This is a great day for the county, kids and the community.” The excitement of getting started emanated from the crowd as shovels were passed around and everyone took a turn digging into the soil that would soon become the new school. The children stepped forward and were able to participate in the groundbreaking as well.


Creede, CO