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How To Keep Your Business Open During A Remodel

When you are planning to remodel your business, you will likely want to be able to keep your operations running in some capacity. While you won’t be able to keep things going at your normal rate, being able to provide your clients with your services or goods is important so you can keep the flow of money coming in to allow you to keep up with your day-to-day demands.


The teams at The Neenan Company are here to help you through your remodel, and we will provide you with a stunning and functional space when the job is completed. If you need to keep some portion of your business running during the construction process, our team will be happy to work with you to plan out a schedule that allows for as much productivity on both ends as possible. Discover some of our tips for keeping your business open during a remodel here, or get in touch with our team now to learn more and get started with your own project!

How to Keep Your Business Open During Remodel InfographicPreparation

It is vital that you prepare the space for the upcoming construction project, yes, but you must also prepare your employees and clients. If your workers aren’t prepared for sections to be off limits, or if your customers come expecting full service, they will be disappointed. If your employees haven’t been prepared, their productivity could be seriously impacted as well.


Managing Construction Hours

While most construction is performed during usual business hours, some contractors may be willing to work at various hours in the early morning or night. You can also plan construction in certain areas during specific times, which will allow availability in other areas of the building.


Do Your Construction In Stages

Usually, the easiest way for you to stay open during a remodel of your business is to plan your operation out of various sections of the building as you do the construction in stages. While it won’t be as easy to perform normal business in a more confined space, you will still be able to take care of your operations and customers throughout the whole process.


Prevent Interference

It can be hard for your remodeling team and your employees both to get their jobs done if they are being constantly interrupted by each other. You can prevent this by setting up specific zones for construction and for work. Often, this will play into the previous point and will work best when construction is completed in stages.


Allow Work From Home If Possible

Especially with recent business changes and accessibility of online resources, you may be able to plan for your employees to work remotely during your remodel. This won’t work for every business, but the adaptability may make the transition into a new space easier for all involved parties.


Start Your Project With Neenan

When you are planning to remodel your business, get in touch with The Neenan Company. We will work with you to provide you with resources and schedules to be able to keep your daily operations running while we complete your project. Contact us to get started!

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