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Getting Started With Archistruction™

At The Neenan Company, we’ve helped hundreds of clients with their building projects. When we work with you, your project will undoubtedly start at one of the following stages:

  • You need help finding a building site
  • Assessment of your current space to determine your needs
  • Assessment of the building you’re seeking to buy
  • Creating a budget and design for a loan
  • Finding dependable sources of capital
  • Formulation of a master plan for your building project
  • Assistance with city entitlements

create a space that fits your visionWhen you choose to work with Neenan, you will find out that we have solutions through Archistruction™ for each of these situations. Archistruction™ is the unique way that we transform your vision into a reality by providing you with total responsibility and accountability. Get in touch with our teams today to learn more about the Archistruction™ process or how we can help make your next building project a reality!

Finding A Building Site

One of the hardest issues that most companies run into when planning a new building is finding the right building site. At The Neenan Company, we have comprehensive site assessment tools that we will utilize to help you make the best decisions about location. We want your project to be a success just as much as you do, so we will advise you and assess any potential sites during your search.

Current Space Assessments

While you may simply be thinking about how much nicer a larger building will be compared to your current space, it is important to think about what your current space provides you and what exactly you want to upgrade. Do you need more rooms? Better access to local businesses? Different sized rooms? Neenan will help you assess your current facility to ensure your new space provides everything you like as well as new, helpful upgrades.

Assessment Of Your New Building

If you believe that you have found the right building for your new construction project, the team at Neenan will help you by ensuring it has everything you need. We have comprehensive building analysis tools that will help with due diligence and contract negotiations. This will protect everyone involved and help you get the best deal possible.

Creating A Budget

When you are searching for a loan, banks and other lenders will want to see your budget and overall design process. Neenan will work closely with you to create a complete and collaborative design which you will be able to present to any interested parties. With this design, we will also give you accurate and transparent costs for the full scope of the project.

Find Dependable Sources of Capital

Once your budget and design are set, you will need to find dependable sources of capital that you can utilize towards your building project. The Neenan Company has experience and knowledge of a wide variety of grants, tax credits, and more! We will gladly help you with:

  • Grant writing
  • New market tax credits
  • Historic tax credits
  • Development and financing options
  • Bond elections

Formulation of a Master Plan

Once all of the initial components are completed, you will need to create a master plan including timelines, prices, and more to help you complete your project on time and within your budget. The Neenan Company has worked with hundreds of clients, and we will put our expertise to work for you! We will partner with you to create a master plan that works in the benefit of everyone involved.

City Entitlements

When you are creating a new project from scratch or repurposing an existing structure, there are certain regulations that you must follow. We can help you create a design to have a site re-zoned for the appropriate use, or we can help to get the local city government on board with your project.

Contact Neenan Today To Begin Your New Archistruction™ Process

No matter what stage you are in for your building process, the team at Neenan can help! Contact our teams today to learn more about Archistruction™ and how we can leverage our experience and expertise to make your new project a resounding success! Whether you are starting from scratch with just an idea, or you’ve got a solid plan in place already, The Neenan Company can help to elevate your construction projects.

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