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Why You Should Hire An Archistruction Firm For Your Commercial Project

When the decision to build a new commercial space comes up, some of the most common questions are, “Who will design the space?” and “who is going to build the project?” At The Neenan Company, we bring both of those questions to the table and offer integrated services to handle both the design and construction.

Why Choose Archistruction™

Neenan trademarked “archistruction” in 1997 as a way to show we were dedicated to approaching the whole process in a different way. We saw the disconnect between the architect, builder, and client and wanted to create a totally new process to streamline the roles and mesh them together so you can have a building that operates in the way you envisioned. Neenan Archistruction™ is a holistic approach to the construction and design of commercial spaces, that allows our team to help and oversee the project from breaking ground to the grand opening.

Integrated Design Process

The planning and designing phase of a project can be exciting but daunting. During this stage, we will present new ideas and concepts to you, and test them to see how they fit alongside the schedule and budget. Over the course of designing your building, we can figure out how you want the commercial space to feel, the overall flow, and how we can streamline the maintenance of your establishment. Having a team that understands not only the logistics of building a commercial project but can also help you create what you’ve envisioned is important.

Collaborative Construction

Instead of having separate construction and design companies working together with their own personal interests in play, Neenan combines those entities into one business. From the day you sign with us, our design and construction teams will start collaborating together until the project is complete. Our different services are not seen as separate entities but as a single organization that will work for your best interests. We have streamlined the entire process so we can make commercial architecture and building a simple and cohesive process.

Experience Matters

The Neenan Company is dedicated to bringing the best of architecture and commercial construction services together. We have been serving Fort Collins and surrounding areas for decades and during that time, we have brought many commercial buildings from the planning stage all the way through to their openings. We have made our own processes unlike any other architectural firm’s and greatly believe we have an edge with our holistic approach. This helps you, our client, be productive and efficient in every stage of your project. With our dedication and years of knowledge, we can make your space exactly what you want.

With a completely unique and streamlined approach, Archistruction™ is the best way to go through all the phases of your commercial project. Contact us today!