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Why Education Facility Construction Projects Can Use Our Archistruction

Constructing an educational facility is an incredibly important process that requires an approach that is both comprehensive and tailored to the specific needs of the client. If you’re looking for a construction company that understands the nuances of educational facility construction, then The Neenan Company is the perfect fit. Our Archistruction™ process is designed to help school districts, charter schools, and other institutions create the perfect learning environment for their students and teachers. Here’s why education facility construction projects should consider using our Archistruction™ process for their next facility expansion, and why we are the team for the job!

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Planning Is Everything

Our Archistruction™ process starts with comprehensive planning. We help school districts and other educational institutions identify a suitable site for their facility and assess the existing facility to determine their needs. We also help with the formulation of a master plan and assist with any necessary city entitlements. In addition, we provide assistance with the BEST Grant application process, which is available to qualifying schools in Colorado.

Collaborative Design

The design stage of educational facilities with Neenan is entirely collaborative. We involve the entire staff community, board members, and other stakeholders in the design process to ensure that all of their needs are met. We also consider modern, sustainable additions, natural lighting, non-uniform classroom design, striking exteriors, eco-friendly design, and more.

We Keep Your Budget In Mind

The preconstruction phase of our Archistruction™ process involves target costing. This approach helps to minimize waste and create value for the project. It also eliminates any conflict of interest between the design and construction teams and ensures that the school’s best interests are at the forefront.

We Work As A Team To Meet Your Goals

Our construction team works closely with our design team from day one. We ensure that there is ample opportunity for natural interaction and communication between teams. Our project managers and field superintendent attend all meetings and work sessions with the school board to review cost, constructability, schedules, and more.

Project Owner Feedback & Communication

At The Neenan Company, we understand the importance of open communication between our team and the school board. We set up regular meetings and work sessions to address specific issues, design checkpoints, and review the construction quality on the project. We provide project owners with transparent feedback and involve them in all aspects of the process.

At The Neenan Company, we understand the importance of educational facility construction. Our Archistruction™ process is designed to meet the unique needs of school districts and other institutions. We take a comprehensive approach to our projects and involve the school board in all aspects of the process. If you’re looking for an experienced construction company to work on your project, contact The Neenan Company today.