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Why Commercial Construction Projects Need Archistruction

When it comes to commercial construction projects, the more planning and thought that goes into the project, the better the outcome. This is why our team at The Neenan Company has developed a process called Archistruction™ to help ensure that commercial construction projects are successful from start to finish. Here are four reasons why commercial construction projects need Archistruction™, and why we are the right team for the job. Contact us to get your Colorado commercial project started today!

Comprehensive Building Analysis

Archistruction™ provides clients with a comprehensive building analysis to help with due diligence and contract negotiations. This helps to ensure that the client is getting the best deal for their project, and that the building meets all of their needs. With Archistruction™, clients can be sure that all potential issues are addressed before construction begins, saving time and money in the long run.

Collaborative Design Process

The Neenan Company’s Collaborative Design Process is unlike anything else in the architecture and construction industry. Our design process helps to establish the character of the building, determine the site plan, and build a plan that works for the client. During this process, Neenan works collaboratively with the client to answer important questions such as what major systems need to be implemented and what are the client’s short and long-term goals.

Design Involvement in Construction

The Neenan Company’s design team works in close partnership with the construction team to ensure that the client’s vision is achieved. The designers communicate daily with the field superintendent and attend all the owner’s meetings. They are not contractually obligated to do so but seek to add value to the project and ensure the quality of the construction work. By working together, both teams strive for the client’s best interests.

Target Costing

Target costing is an approach to design that incorporates cost as a factor with the intention of minimizing waste and creating value. With this approach, Neenan is able to provide accurate cost information, as well as provide transparent and competitive costs. This helps to ensure that the client is getting the best value for their project.


Constructability is the term used to review the processes involved in construction during the preconstruction phase. Through constructability, Neenan is able to determine any potential problems before they become obstacles, and create the most effective schedule for the client.

Overall, commercial construction projects need Archistruction™. This process helps to ensure that clients are getting the best value for their project, while also preventing any costly errors or surprises. Additionally, the collaborative design process helps to ensure that the client’s vision is understood and met. If you’re looking for an architecture and construction firm for your commercial construction project, The Neenan Company is the perfect choice. Contact us today to begin your journey with Archistruction™.