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What Is Archistruction™?

When you first start exploring our website, you’re sure to see the term Archistruction™ thrown around a few times. While the work itself rolls right off the tongue and sounds like something familiar, most people don’t immediately know what it means. The reason for this is because we made it up! At Neenan Archistruction, we offer a service that is so unique, we needed to create our own way to describe it. Learn more below and reach out to our team in Colorado to get started on your project!

What Is It?

First and foremost, before we can dive into the specifics, we will start by describing what exactly archistruction is. You may notice that the first half sounds like architecture and the second half sounds like construction, and you would be correct. The word archistruction comes from both architecture and construction because that is what we offer at Neenan — the best of both.

All the Services You Need

In most commercial building projects, you start with an idea that you then take to an architect. The architect will create a building plan and design, but most architects do not have the skills to actually build the product. For this reason, you may find yourself going to a completely different company or team to have your plan constructed into something real.

At Neenan Archistruction, we simplify this process by offering you both services under one roof. Both our architects and our construction contractors will work together to help turn your vision into a reality.

Archistruction Is an Experience

What we love most about our unique way of doing things is that it makes the process of constructing a commercial, education, government, or healthcare building into an experience. When you choose our team, you’ll work with designers, a team of developers, construction professionals, and so many more dedicated team members. Not only can you watch your vision become real, but you can be a part of the process every step of the way.

Why Work With Neenan?

At Neenan, we care about our projects, and we work hard to ensure they are completed correctly. When you choose to work with us, you can rest assured that every aspect of your project will be tackled in-house by experienced and trustworthy workers.


Are you ready to get started? Explore our website to view projects, read about our history, and so much more. When you’re ready to get started on your project in Colorado, we are here to help. Contact Neenan Archistruction today!