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If you are considering purchasing a new building for your business and remodeling it, or if you are planning to remodel your current space to make better use of it, there are some items you must consider. Before you break out the sledgehammers and start busting down walls, you must make sure everything is ready so you can execute on your plan.

At The Neenan Company, we work closely with our clients to ensure that everything is set at each step along the way. We want your building to be functional and beautiful! We use our own blend of architecture and construction — called Archistruction™. This allows all of the teams working on your project to collaborate under one roof. To learn more about our process of building construction, restoration, and renovation, contact our team today, and continue reading today’s post to learn more about what you need to consider before you start your building remodel.

1. Check Your Certificate Of Occupancy

The certificate of occupancy (CO) states what type of business you are allowed to have on the property. In some cases, this can be changed, but that is usually a long and costly process. In many cases, however, your city will not allow this to be changed. If you are already using your space as an office and you are simply going to change the layout, this should not be an issue. But if you are buying a new building, make sure your plans will fit within the CO.

2. Check For Existing Violations

Before you open (or reopen) your business, you must take care of the violations that exist within the building. This could be from unauthorized construction, hazards due to wear, or other sources. You will likely have an inspection and you will need a permit to begin your construction, so make yourself aware of any violations that will need to be fixed during your construction phase.

3. Review Core Systems

The main systems that you will need to consider when you are preparing to execute your building plans are: 


Depending on what you want for your business, you will need to make sure that the existing systems are capable of handling the new plans. The weight of your equipment and people need to be supported by the structure, or you will risk damages and injury. If you are adding food services to a space that previously did not have these capabilities, you will need to ensure that your mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems are up to date and can handle a large amount of usage.

4. Check Accessibility

The accessibility of a building includes all of the ways the inside is separated from the outside, as well as how rooms and spaces are separated inside the building. This can include widows, doors, roofs, stairs, walkways, and more. Making sure that all of the areas in your building are not only secure, but also accessible for everyone is important. This includes providing wheelchair and disability access, which is required by the Americans with Disability Act.

5. Health Codes

The health codes will vary greatly depending on what type of business you are and what your end goal is, but some things to consider when you are looking at health codes include:

  • Employee bathroom access
  • Patron bathroom access
  • Cleanliness of workspaces
  • Food preparation areas
Things to consider before remodeling a building

Get Started With Your Renovation Today

The Neenan Company is ready to be your partner in your renovation. We have the experience to help you transform your existing building into a space that will better fit your needs or create a whole new workspace that is perfect for you, your customers, and your employees. Contact us today to get started!


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