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The Neenan Archistruction™ Process

Discover What To Expect When You Work With Us

Most of the projects that we work on at The Neenan Company start out in the same way — with a simple, vague idea. Our team will then work very closely with you and your staff to make sure that we provide you with a facility that you love to use and work in day in and day out. Whether you know exactly what you need or you’re just starting to put some plans together, our team of designers, architects, and builders will help you to make a building that you love. We combine architecture and construction, meaning you won’t have to split your focus between multiple teams as you try and coordinate the building or renovation of your new space. We call this simple process Archistruction™! Learn more about working with Neenan here or get in touch with our team to discover how we can help with your upcoming building projects.

The Neenan Company can help you with a wide variety of needs throughout the whole building process, including:

Helping you find a site

Assessing your current facility

Assessing a building you want to buy

Putting together a design and budget for a loan

Finding sources of capital

Crafting and executing a master plan

Helping with city entitlements

And much more

Overcoming Early Challenges

In the early stages of building, planning, and development, there are usually a wide variety of challenges to overcome before you can even start getting a good plan together. Our team will help with all of these! We will begin by performing an assessment of your current facility to help you narrow down exactly what your current problems are and how you can solve them. We will then partner with you to assess any buildings you may consider purchasing to make sure that we can help to build or renovate and solve your current problems. You also may be running into issues with funding, but don’t worry — Neenan is here for you. We have experience in grant writing, helping with new market tax credits, historic tax credits, financing options, bond elections, and more. Our team also can help if your chosen site needs to be rezoned for the appropriate use or if you need help getting city officials on board with the plan. No matter what your early stage challenges are, The Neenan Company can assist. We want your project to be a success just as much as you do!

Satisfaction And Community Alignment

During our first meeting with you and your community, we want to inquire and establish what the identity of the community is. We will work to understand how the staff practices within the building, whether it be a government facility, school, medical facility, or any other type of business. Throughout the whole Archistruction™ process, we will always be focused on the needs of you and your community. We will be building a space for you to engage with them daily, and we want to ensure that we always meet your needs with functionality and beauty.

The Collaborative Design Process

As we begin working on plans for your project, we will begin by talking to you, your staff, and your board members as we come up with new ideas, budgets, and schedules. This testing process is what we call the Collaborative Design Process (CDP), and it is our way of making sure we are providing you with everything you need on a schedule and budget that works. We’ll schedule a series of work sessions and check-ins to establish the character of the building, site plan, building plan, major systems, and project estimate with you. This shared experience will help us answer some very key questions, including:

How do you want your space to feel?
What is your ideal flow of people and traffic inside and outside the building?
How can we make systems and materials to streamline maintenance?

With the answers to these questions and many more, we will be able to start working on a design that you love.

Design And Preconstruction

In every project, you define value. Initial and long-term cost goals are different for everyone. Some people prioritize initial cost, others want low-cost maintenance, and many want a balance between the two. With Neenan’s integrated design and building model of Archistruction™, you will have thoughtful options to choose the best systems, finishes, and furniture for your facility. In the preconstruction phase, our team will utilize the highly effective target costing method to give you accurate and up-to-date schedules and budgets every step of the way. When decisions are made, costs are added or subtracted from the target cost, giving you real-time feedback and analysis. During our preconstruction and target costing meetings, our design teams will work with you to define a project scope and budget. This helps to reduce wasted time and energy as we endeavor to keep everyone on the same page, producing high-quality results.

Concurrent Constructibility

Field and project management teams work side-by-side to evolve the budget, constructability, and sequence with design ideas simultaneously every day. This daily involvement delivers the most effective schedule for your needs and the best building possible. Our process also allows for better owner decisions around value. Every decision is based on multiple factors and each factor has varying importance. Neenan’s staff is trained to help you evaluate the factors in decisions like:

  • Initial cost
  • Schedule
  • Flexibility
  • Production improvements of the facility
  • Lifecycle costs of product
  • Other owner-defined factors

We will help you choose your advantage with this process as we partner with you to make the best decisions for your building and design process. We will also see the costs and the process to bid out work packages with our approach. We will always be transparent with costs, giving you market-rate construction prices and options based on your conditions of satisfaction.


Design and construction interaction starts on day one and continues to the end of a project. Designers, preconstruction, and project managers are not only under one roof, but move their desks to be right next to each other during a project. Interaction between disciplines is inevitable, and this valuable approach will show its value throughout your building project. We care deeply about every project that we undertake, and our team will be committed to giving you the best possible building that you will love for many years to come.

Design Involvement

Design is a true partner of the construction effort — it’s not just a contractual relationship. The design members at Neenan talk to the field superintendent on your project every day and will attend all of the meetings with you. Our design staff is here to not only assist the construction team, but also to help develop options to increase value for you. During your time working with our expert designers, they will review construction quality, suggest new options, and help you craft a building that you truly love and are proud to use.

Owner Feedback

We always welcome ideas and feedback from you. We have regularly scheduled meetings during design and construction where we will give you detailed information on how your project is going and ask for any feedback that you may have, but you are welcome to send us ideas or suggestions at any time. We also use predetermined design checkpoints that involve an internal review with key consultants, then a review with you, the owner. This ensures that criteria are being met and we are working toward the right goals for your project.

Consultants And Subcontractors

Neenan’s design staff coordinates directly with each consultant or subcontractor’s lead designer and key members of staff. Weekly meetings are held to coordinate design, manage timelines, monitor budget, and ensure scope alignment. This integrated approach minimizes rework and saves you money because we ensure that every person on your project is working toward the same goal at all times.

Partner With Neenan Archistruction™ Today!

When you’re ready to start your own building project, you can partner with the best by working with The Neenan Company! Thanks to our innovative approach to design and construction, you’ll receive the highest quality care throughout the whole process and be able to enjoy an incredible building when all is said and done. Contact our team today to get started or to learn more about how using Archistruction™ can help you, your staff, and your community reach all new levels. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you craft a new building for your business.