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The Importance of Partnerships in Building and Design

There are numerous benefits to collaboration and partnerships in building and design. After all, taking a commercial construction project in healthcare, education, commercial, and government projects.

Neenan Archistruction® is a top-rated build-design firm located in Fort Collins, Colorado, and serving nationwide. Below, we’ll take a look at the importance of partnerships in building and design in commercial construction design. Get started today!

Reliability is Crucial

Being on-time and on-budget is extremely important in the construction world. If a commercial construction company does not have these two crucial characteristics, it won’t last long in this incredibly competitive industry. Thus, finding partners who also deliver on-time and on-budget can make or break your commercial construction project.

Finding the Right Contractors

Not many commercial construction companies handle the entire process themselves. Most rely on subcontractors for specialty work, such as HVAC companies, local roofers, and electricians. It’s crucial to find the right contractors who also deliver on-time and on-budget; otherwise, your entire construction project can experience a major delay if one contractor is late in doing their job. 


While there are always unknown factors, such as the weather, that can cause delays. However, a great commercial construction management company accounts for these types of delays. Contractor delays are ones that can be avoided and should be at all costs by finding the right contractors for the job.

Keeping Communication Open

Communication is key where there are so many moving parts to a construction site. From the delivery of materials to the arrival of heavy equipment needed for the day, ensuring open communication contributes to the smooth operation of the construction job. Regular updates on progress or even on slight delays helps to keep everyone in the loop and understanding where the project is at so that the ripple effect of a delay is minimized.

Professional Management of Handovers

When one subcontractor completes a phase of the commercial construction project and another contractor takes over, it’s crucial to have the handover take place in a professional and prompt way. Communication is once again key, especially if there are any unexpected issues that will need to be dealt with as the construction project progresses and if it impacts future facilities management.

Mindset of Collaboration

In the commercial construction trade, it can be easy to foster a culture of competition rather than collaboration. Admittedly, there is a lot of risk involved in the construction industry. Many contractors believe they take on more risk than others do. When everyone believes they have an equal stake in the success and the outcome of the commercial construction project, everyone wins.

Using Each Others' Strengths

Building a commercial building takes time, effort, energy, and talent. Whether you are an architecture firm or a local plumber, it’s important to lean on others’ expertise when you need it. Not everyone can be a visionary when it comes to designing a commercial building. The same can be said for wiring a commercial building. When you can adequately use others’ strengths and talents, everyone wins.


Neenan Archistruction® is a Fort Collins-based architecture and construction firm that understands the importance of partnerships in building and design. In fact, we offer a unique collaborative design process that ensures the customer has a say throughout the entire length of the construction and design process. We seek input at every turn, as we want the customer to be 100% satisfied with the results. We work hard to build a unifying culture within our organization so that easily translates to our partners whom we work with. If you are interested in learning more about our Colorado architecture company, reach out to us today!