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The Importance of Design in Healthcare Buildings

Good design is essential in any type of building, but it is especially important in healthcare buildings. Healthcare architecture must be efficient and practical, while also providing a comfortable and healing environment for patients. In this article, we will explore four ways good design can improve healthcare buildings. Keep reading to learn more, and connect with Neenan Archistruction® to meet with an architect about your upcoming construction project.

Better Design Means Better Patient Care

First and foremost, architecture can help increase patient care. For example, a study conducted by NCBI researchers found patients in well-designed hospitals experienced better overall care due to enhancing safety and reducing room for error. This is because a well-designed healthcare building that is not only functional, but also comfortable and easy to navigate may improve the overall experience for patients, family members, and staff. What’s more, having a well-designed physical environment may positively impact both staff and patient well-being.

Better Design Allows For Better Efficiency

Similarly, healthcare architecture must be designed to improve efficiency among doctors, nurses, and other members of the care team. This includes optimizing the placement of equipment and supplies, as well as creating spaces that are easy to navigate. Additionally, architecture can help improve efficiency by reducing the risk of medical errors.

Design Can Help Lower Construction Costs

Architecture for healthcare buildings must be designed to support the building’s use and function, while also keeping construction costs low. For example, using prefabricated materials can help reduce the amount of time spent on site, and choosing energy-efficient architecture can help reduce operating costs. Additionally, creating flexible architecture to support a variety of uses and functions can help you avoid construction costs down the road.  

A New Building Can Help Attract New Patients

A well-designed healthcare building can help attract new patients to your facility. This is especially important for hospitals and other healthcare facilities that are expanding or relocating. A well-designed building sends a message to potential patients that your facility is professional and up-to-date. Additionally, welcoming and comfortable architecture can help patients feel at ease when they are receiving treatment. 

Are you ready to create stunning architecture for your healthcare building? Connect with Neenan Archistruction to get started on your project! We are a team of experienced architects, designers, and builders who can help you create architecture that meets the needs of your patients and staff. Contact us today to learn more.