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The Benefits Of Hiring Neenan For Your Government Project

Headquartered in Fort Collins, Colorado, The Neenan Company is a not-so-typical architecture and building construction firm. With our unique design process and collaborative efforts, we’ll be sure to turn your ideas for a government building project and bring them to life. Here are a few benefits of Hiring Neenan for your government project.


It’s completely normal for clients to come to us with a vague idea of what they imagine their building to look like. One of our unique aspects is our all-encompassing design process, even in the earliest stages of construction design. By starting with a few ideas they envision having in their government facility, the Neenan Archistruction Process will transform that vision into a tangible reality. 

Neenan can help find a site for your new project or assess the property you seek to purchase. Our architecture team can also evaluate your current space and determine your needs, plan and create a budget, formulate a master plan, assist with any necessary city entitlements, and more. Neenan will be with you every step of the way for your government project.

Collaborative Design Process

When it comes to the collaborative design process, Neenan will ask these three questions to help develop new ideas and options for your project:

  1. How do you want your government building to feel?
  2. In what way can the system we implement and the materials we use streamline maintenance and lower cost to taxpayers?
  3. How do you imagine the flow of citizen and employee traffic to be, both inside the space and the area surrounding it?

Answering these questions will help our government architects better understand the hopes and visions of your facility and further evolve the overall plan.

Target Costing

The ultimate goal when designing and building a new government facility is to minimize waste and create value within your building. Our collaborative design process eliminates the conflict of wildly inflated costs, causing taxpayer funds to be used unwisely. By aligning cost and value, keeping your best interest in mind is our main focus.


Our construction and design teams will be in direct contact and collaboration with you from the day you sign up until after your project is completed. Our government architects will consult with you all along the way to determine the goals of the project. The federal construction process, governed by the Federal Acquisition Regulation, will select qualified government construction contractors to complete the project.

Although we are headquartered in Fort Collins, Colorado, The Neenan Company has completed many projects across the country. If you are looking to build a new government facility with an outcome that will exceed your expectations, contact us today.