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Tabor Grand Hotel – Leadville, Colorado

Special care was taken with the windows of the Tabor Grand, each of which being restored by hand. Because the original single-pane windows were not energy efficient, a decision was made to mill out the original windows so that they could become double-pane. This was accomplished at a cost of more than half a million dollars.


The entire metal cornice work on the fourth floor was removed, numbered, labeled and taken to a shop where it was completely refinished piece by piece. The metal was then coated with a primer to prevent rust and painted with two coats of paint. The wood backing behind the cornice was repaired, resealed and covered with a membrane to protect the building from water and ice. The original metal work was then reassembled on the building.


Because the buildup of water and ice on the building was a persistent issue, a new Bylin product and system was incorporated into the roof. The computerized system senses the weather conditions and can automatically turn on heating elements, keeping snow and ice to a minimum.

Other work on the building included:



  • Full asbestos abatement and removal in basement
  • Full lead paint removal in building
  • Replaced fabric awning with metal for durability
  • Serviced all heating units, boilers, etc.
  • Repaired all window seals
  • Changed building paint scheme back to original colors


  • Repaired exterior lighting
  • Added original wrought iron detail on the fourth floor
  • Refinished front door
  • Added historic display on southeast corner of building
  • Refinished exterior railings
  • New commercial signage to match building history and era
  • Added walking pads on roof for long-term durability

Leadville, CO