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Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) Regional Facility

The Neenan Company was selected as the design-build partner for the Colorado Department of Transportation’s first build-to-suit office building in more than 30 years – its Region 4 CDOT headquarters. The project will also include a maintenance facility located in Gilcrest.

The Region 4 headquarters, a 40,000 square-foot administrative facility located on CDOT’s existing site along Highway 34, will enhance the gateway to Greeley. The new headquarters consolidated several CDOT Region 4 engineering offices, including staff that were previously located in a facility damaged following flooding. Colorado State Patrol (CSP) will also join CDOT as a partner in the new building.

The facility was built to LEED Certified standards to ensure sustainability and increased efficiency, allowing CDOT to recruit and retain top-level employees. Construction was completed in 2015.

“In designing this administrative building, we worked collaboratively with CDOT and CSP to understand and facilitate how employees interact in the office so that this new building could improve the way the CDOT team works,” said Randy Myers, president of The Neenan Company. “We are honored to partner on an instrumental project that will serve the needs of our state.”

The 21,000 square-foot maintenance site supports CDOT’s specialty maintenance needs, regional storeroom and associated office space.

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Greeley, CO