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Provide High-Quality Healthcare

Learn About The Neenan Archistruction™ Process

Are you invested in providing your patients with the absolute best healthcare possible, but would like to avoid being part of a major healthcare system? You’re in luck! The Neenan Company strives to help independent healthcare facilities of all sizes to give their patients the access to care. If you own or are part of the board for an orthopedic or ambulatory facility that is going into renovations or looking to build a new facility, you can trust us to take care of your project and do it right!

Some of the types of medical centers that we have helped in the past include:

Medical Office Buildings

Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Large Private Clinics

Explore New Opportunities

While you may have the team to provide a wide variety of services and healthcare options to your patients, it’s possible that your facility does not support it. Whether you have grown and can no longer support your output in your current location or you are interested in expanding into new fields of healthcare, The Neenan Company is here to assist. When you work with us, you won’t have architects, designers, and construction companies competing for funds. We handle everything in-house, and all of the members of your personal team will work together to see your project through to the end. If you need offices, new ambulatory centers, or you are building a new clinic, you can count on our collaborative design process to provide you with the tools that you need to give your clients and patients the care that they deserve.

Become A Market Leader

Staying independent from some of the large hospital systems often has its benefits, and allows you to operate more freely. However, if you start to lose market share or cannot become a market leader, this goal becomes much more difficult. If you as the CEO need to get a board of your top physicians to align and agree on a plan to broaden your reach, our team can help. We have worked with a large number of medical facilities, and we can help you find the funding sources that are right for your needs.

Expand Your Earnings

As you and your team of doctors work to build out your facility, there will be large opportunities to expand your earnings. One way to do this is as doctors become owners of the facility and then lease it back to the practice. The Neenan Company will help with all of these processes with our development services, allowing you new opportunities to keep your business running smoothly and your employees happy as you maintain market share.

Depend On The Neenan Company

As you prepare for your next orthopedic and ambulatory facility builds, you can count on Neenan. With our huge range of experience in building, architecture, design, and more, we will be one of your greatest assets as you work to continue giving excellent healthcare services to your communities.