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Is your healthcare clinic located in an area that primarily serves migrants, under-insured, and uninsured individuals, or are you getting ready to start building your clinic in one of these areas? It’s important that everyone is able to receive the types of healthcare that they need and deserve, and The Neenan Company is here to help you bring high-quality healthcare to those that need it most. Our team has extensive experience creating and building community health centers (CHC), and you can learn more when you continue reading or get in touch with our team.

Some of the main CHC that we have worked with include:

Primary care providers

Women’s health providers



Nutrition specialists

Mental health

Beginning A New Project

When you are either working to upgrade your CHC or build a new one, there can easily be financial stress. A common question we encounter is “How can we afford a nice new building and still help those that we are here to serve?” Thankfully, our team has plenty of experience helping you to get funding! There are a wide variety of sources that can be relied upon, including federal grants and new market tax credits. These major sources of funding will allow you to build a new building that will meet your needs and help you to create affordable healthcare options for all. When you get started with Neenan, we can help you find and utilize all of the available sources for funding your new project!

Working With Neenan

When you choose to work with Neenan, you aren’t simply choosing another commercial construction company. You’re also not choosing architects and designers. You’re getting the whole package! Our unique blend of these two areas is called Archistruction™, and we leverage our experience to help our clients craft some of the most beautiful and functional spaces in the healthcare market. 

In many cases, you’d work with separate architecture, design, and construction firms. This leads to competition as the teams vie for resources and money to fill their pockets. When you work with us, you’ll be partnering with designers, architects, and construction teams that don’t only work in the same building, but will share the same space as they collaborate on your project. 

Collaborative Design

We know that once this building is complete that you, your clients, your patients, and your employees will be the ones to use it every day. Because of this, we will continually check in with you to make sure the project is meeting your needs. Since our teams are all working together for you, we will be able to provide you with up-to-date timelines, budgets, and information about your project!

Increasing Points Of Care

Because of the nature of work done at CHC facilities, there may not always be high earning revenue opportunities. But with Neenan, we will work with you to help you to be able to increase your points of care. These are the revenue-generating areas in the facility that can help your staff work more efficiently and still provide high-quality care. These points of care will vary depending on your services and location, so be sure to discuss new options and opportunities with us to learn more!

Partner With A Building Team That Cares

When you’re trying to provide the best care possible to all that enter your doors, you need to partner with a building team that shares the same values. Contact The Neenan Company today to learn more about how we will help you create, fund, and enjoy a new community health center!