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Neenan Archistruction in Loveland
Build-Integrated Architecture and Design
What is Archistruction?

A Different Way to Build in Loveland

In the real estate industry, there are architects, there are designers, and there are construction contractors. Typically, each of these groups work as independent entities, each with their own contractual obligations and self-interests in mind. At the Neenan Company, we do things a little differently through a trademarked process called Archistruction. This innovative process provides people with total responsibility and accountability and is the exact opposite of the industry norm. With Neenan, you work with an integrated team of development, design, and construction professionals to transform your unique vision into a reality. In fact, Archistruction is more than a process — it’s an experience. And we’d like to share it with you.

There are four basic building categories in which the Neenan Archistruction process can be applied. These include:

  • Commercial Archistruction
  • Education Archistruction
  • Government Archistruction
  • Healthcare Archistruction





Our Collaborative Design Process

Archistruction includes a Collaborative Design Process, or CDP, that is unlike anything you’ll encounter with other architecture or construction firms. We strive for a level of inclusivity and communication that should far exceed all of your expectations. During the CDP, your entire staff community and board members are included in the presentation of new ideas and options for your building, as well as testing, budget proposals, and scheduling. This level of involvement is unprecedented in the industry, and for good reason — we want to ensure that your building enables your vision to become reality.

Commercial Building Design in Loveland

Colorado is our home, and Loveland holds a special place in our collective heart. We’ve worked with countless businesses in the area to transform their commercial spaces into something that matches a particular vision. Neenan’s Commercial Archistruction process is all-encompassing, including the initial planning stages of commercial building design. This means that even if all you have is a vague dream of the commercial space you’re envisioning, we can start there and carry it through to completion.

Build-Integrated Architecture and Design the Way It Should Be

At the end of the day, the goal of Neenan’s Archistruction process is to transform your vision into a reality and to do so in a way that is revolutionary in Loveland’s real estate industry. With Neenan, you’ll work with an integrated team of the most highly trained development, design, and construction professionals to create a space that functions better than you ever thought possible and fits your values perfectly. We’ve seen success with a wide variety of builds, including campuses for school districts, government facilities, medical hospitals, music venues, and more. To get started on your journey, contact us today!