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Energy Efficient Tips for Your Educational Facility

Neenan Archistruction® is a building design and construction firm that is based in Fort Collins. We offer educational construction for your town’s needs using a collaborative design process that ensures your vision and goals are met. Below, we’ll offer some tips you can use to save on energy costs at your educational facility. Contact our team for your next school addition or educational building construction needs today!

Examine Your School's Lighting for Efficiency and Savings

Lighting can account for up to 50% of the electric bills of most schools. This means that there is a huge opportunity for savings. Try to get in the habit of having staff turn off all lights in rooms when they leave. Perhaps invest in smart lighting that goes on when someone walks into a room and then turns off when it senses no motion afterwards. Invest in energy-efficient LED bulbs whenever possible that use less energy and last longer.

Analyze Your School's HVAC System For Temperature Settings

Your heating and cooling systems account for a big chunk of your school’s energy use, too. By setting your thermostat just a degree or two cooler in the winter and a degree or two warmer in the spring and summer, your school can save big time. Don’t forget about passive cooling, too. You can invest in trees that provide shade and block the wind, which not only can save your school money, but it also helps the environment!

Examine All of Your School's Vampire Power Uses

Vampire power refers to all of the gadgets that use power while in “sleep” mode or on standby. This includes computer monitors, TVs, projectors, printers, and more. While some machines need to be on all the time, you can pinpoint those that can be turned off and implement procedures to do so.

Invest in the Best Building Materials and Efficiencies Possible

Items such as insulation, thick walls, top-of-the-line windows with more than one pane, outside doors that are sealed, and the like can cut down on drafts and really make a difference in energy use. If you are building a new school or adding on an addition, make it a priority to work with a school design architect who prioritizes eco-friendly building materials and energy design. Get in touch with Neenan Archistruction® today!


Our educational building design team offers school design and build services, as well as campus planning. Our mission is to craft a space that is perfect for teachers and students to learn and grow in, while ensuring sustainable building efforts and energy efficiency standards. We can help you with your entire school building project from start to finish, from helping find a suitable school building site to laying the final stone. With our collaborative design process, we’ll ensure everything is up to your standards and meets your needs. To learn more and get started, reach out to our team today!