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Combining Form, Function, and Beauty in Architectural Design

When designing a building, there are many aspects to consider, the chief of which are form, function, and beauty. The job of an architectural design firm is to combine all of these features into a custom, unique building that will meet the client’s needs, as well as be aesthetically pleasing.


Neenan Archistruction® has been designing amazing commercial buildings for our customers in the Fort Collins area and beyond since 1973. We specialize in healthcare, education, commercial, and government projects. Below, we’ll take a look at the importance of combining form, function, and beauty in architectural design. Get started today!

What is Form?

Form in architectural design refers to the geometric shapes of a building. This includes the internal spaces, its exterior, and the outdoor living spaces. The primary shapes are circle, triangle, and square, and then their derivatives. Three-dimensional shape and appearance are considered forms, too.

What is Function?

The function of a building is what it is being used for. More so, it’s also if the building’s floor plan is suitable for a building’s use. For example, if you need rooms because you are opening a school and the building you have chosen has a lot of big open spaces, it’s not exactly functional for the occupant.

What is Beauty?

Non-technically, beauty is when you look at a building and don’t immediately look away. When your eyes are drawn to it, and you admire it, even if you don’t know why. Think of all the buildings in the world that are considered aesthetically pleasing, and, odds are, it’s because of the technical definition. Beauty, technically in architecture, is defined as a building that has harmony, proportion, rhythm, and scale. Texture, color, balance, and unity are also words that describe a beautiful building.

How We Combine Form, Function, and Beauty Into Our Architectural Designs

As mentioned above, it’s a delicate balance and line that commercial architectural design firms have to walk in order to craft a building that works for everyone. Here at Neenan Archistruction®, we believe we’ve developed a unique way to design and build that keeps these elements paramount, but that also ensures the customer has what they desire. For many of our customers, function is of primary importance; for others, beauty takes center stage. Our job is to not neglect any part of architectural design and to tip the balance in favor of what will satisfy our customers the most

Our Collaborative Design Process

Our architectural design firm involves the client every step of the way. We take their vision and begin to hone it in. We take into account the character of the building you are hoping to build, the site plan and its uses and purposes, as well as who will be the primary users of your building. Our architecture and construction company takes into consideration your values, your long and short-term goals, and your energy efficiency preferences.

The Final Outcome

We believe that most of our clients have a good idea of their function. Where we come into play is the form and beauty of their commercial construction project. Our master architects understand what is pleasing to the eye and how to incorporate that into your type of building. We use various forms to achieve the final outcome with the goal of crafting a meticulous building that will last.


Neenan Archistruction® is a Fort Collins architecture design/build firm that specializes in healthcare, education, commercial, and government building design and construction. Our team has decades of combined experience that yields a beautiful building our clients can use for decades. Combining form, function, and beauty, while keeping the client in the loop at all times, is our Collaborative Design Process in action. To get started, reach out to us today!