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Collaborative Design In Educational Construction

Designing a school calls for collaborative design between someone with a background in education and the architects that are tasked with designing and building the school. There are many factors to consider when it comes to the design in order for students to learn in a good environment while allowing for future growth. In Fort Collins, working with an architecture and construction company like The Neenan Company will transform your ideas of designing a school into a reality.


When it comes to collaborative design in educational construction, the design concepts will begin by asking you three questions. The first question is: what is the vision for how your school should feel? By starting with this question, it allows for freedom and creativity in what you want your school to look like and how students will benefit from the design. Some may want collaborative spaces for students to discuss their work with one another, while others may want natural lighting and bright colors, especially in elementary schools. The possibilities are endless for what you can do with the design of your school, and Neenan will help in collaboration to build your dream educational building.

Materials and Systems To Implement

The second question Neenan asks is: how can the systems we implement and materials we use streamline the maintenance of your educational facility? Like the design, the materials used to begin construction are crucial to building a great school. If you are able to answer this question, you’re one step closer to building an educational facility that will help your students and staff work in an amazing environment.


The third and final question we will ask is: how do you imagine the flow of students and educators to be, both inside the school building and the surrounding areas? You’ll have to consider the student population as well as the intended size of the school so the flow of people going from class to class is steady.

  • Drones
  • Data Collection Apps
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Technologies
  • Augmented & Virtual Reality Tools

How We Will Help

It’s common to not have a complete idea of your educational building design at first. After answering these three questions, our team will be able to develop new ideas and options that can be presented and tested during the design process, along with corresponding budgets and schedules. Our unique, all-encompassing process will help bring your vision of an ideal educational space to fruition.

If you are looking to design and build an education building in the Fort Collins area, contact The Neenan Company. We’ll bring your ideas to life with our customized process for educational building design.