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Architecture & Construction in Denver
“It’s not about the building — it’s about what the building enables you to do.”
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What Is Archistruction™?

The Neenan Company isn’t your typical architecture or construction firm. We wanted to make the entire process of bringing your vision for a commercial building in Denver to life easier and more streamlined. Rather than hiring three or four individual contractors to build your commercial space, The Neenan Company employs everyone under one roof. We’ve fine-tuned the entire commercial build process and given it a name: Archistruction™. 

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Innovative Commercial Building Throughout Denver

The Archistruction™ process for your commercial building in Denver begins with a plan. Many of our clients come to us with just a dream of what they want for their commercial space. Our job at The Neenan Company is to bring your vision to life; we make that dream a reality. Our process is all-encompassing. It starts with the planning process and together we work with you all the way through to the ribbon cutting. All you need to do is bring us a seed and we’ll provide the water and nutrients needed to make it grow. 

Project Beginnings

The planning of your commercial build in Denver is the most important step of the process. Without proper planning, your entire project can fall apart before the build even begins. When you work with our team, we’ll help you create a solid and effective plan for your commercial build that includes:

  • Finding a site OR
  • Assessing your current space
  • Assessing the property you’re looking to purchase
  • Planning and creating a budget and design for acquiring a loan
  • Finding dependable sources of capital
  • Formulating a master plan for your build in Denver
  • Assisting with city entitlements
  • And more!

We Have Solutions

With a team of highly trained designers, architects, and construction professionals working together on your commercial building in Denver, there’s no shortage of solutions to every part of your build process. Early on in the process, we are sure to determine your conditions for satisfaction so that we can take every step possible to create a commercial space that you and your employees can rely on. Once we have a better understanding of your team’s identity and the community for which you strive, we can move forward together into the collaborative design process.

The Collaborative Design Process

As we work with you to determine the design of your commercial building in Denver, there are a number of questions that you can be prepared to answer. Your answers to these questions will help us develop new ideas and options that can be presented and tested in accordance with your budget and schedule. 

  1. How do you want your commercial space to feel?
  2. In what way can the systems we implement and materials we use streamline maintenance?
  3. How do you imagine the flow of customer traffic to be both inside your commercial space and the area around it?

Our goal is to accurately establish the character of your building during the planning and design process so that it reflects these characteristics when your build is complete.

Build-Integrated Architecture and Design

When you work with The Neenan Company to bring your idea for a commercial building in Denver to life, you can expect frequent meetings and check-ins with our team. With your designers, architects, and construction managers all under one roof, it’s easier than ever to have a full understanding of what’s being done throughout every step of the process. Not only will you have a better understanding of the work being done, but our team will have a greater knowledge of the dream and desire that you have for your commercial space.

Our Unique Target Costing Approach

1. Accurate Cost Information

When you work with The Neenan Company, everyone from the designers to the construction team is under one roof. That means one accurate price point that covers the scope of your entire commercial build.

2. Value-Based Decisions

Every one of the decisions we make concerning your commercial build in Denver is made as a team and centered around your unique goals for your space.

3. Transparent & Competitive Costs

Transparency is key when it comes to a successful relationship between our team and our clients. Starting with our bidding process all the way through the cost of materials and more — The Neenan Company offers full transparency every step of the way.

The Pre-Construction & Construction Process

At The Neenan Company, we want our clients to understand that just because the construction process has begun, it doesn’t mean that our designers are done being a part of the process. Everyone that works on your commercial build in Denver is actively involved in every step throughout the duration of your build. This is one of the most unique parts of our Archistruction™ process. The design team that is assigned to your project communicates daily with your construction team to ensure that every aspect of your build is completed to the highest quality and for your ultimate satisfaction.

Why Choose Neenan Archistruction™ for Your Commercial Building?

While there are a number of avenues to take when it comes to building a commercial space in Denver, we believe with the utmost certainty that you won’t find a more dedicated team than ours at The Neenan Company. We’ve been serving clients across the front range of Northern Colorado for more than five decades and it’s our mission to help you make your dreams for a stunning commercial building in Denver a reality.

Neenan Archistruction™ — Architecture & Construction in Denver

With a highly trained team of professionals on your side and under one roof, there’s no other reason to choose anyone else but Neenan Archistruction™ to handle your next commercial building project in Denver. Get in touch with us today to start planning your build.