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What Is Archistruction™?

Our company mission is to construct the buildings and structures you want and need using Archistruction™. We coined the term archistruction™ in 1997 due to the fact we didn’t have a word that describes our approach to architecture and production task management. Usually, while you need an updated space, architecture and design companies will communicate through contracts. This results in them guarding their own interests, instead of their customers’. That didn’t sit well with us. That’s why, at Neenan, all of our designers, task managers, and construction experts work under the same roof. They collaborate closely for the duration of the entire project with one goal in mind: to transform your vision into reality. Our holistic method includes the whole collection of services, from improvement to design and construction. Contact our team in San Antonio to learn more today!
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Innovative Architecture in San Antonio

We take a unique approach to healthcare building, planning, design, and creation. in spite of everything, we’ve by no means been your ordinary design firm or construction project management group. We’ve finished over 200 professional facilities across the United States, and we’d like to work with you for your project. With our Archistruction™ technique, we help professionals enhance customer care and personnel performance, optimize their areas, and appeal to new clients — all while growing their marketplace percentage. Our aim is to best help you improve your workflow via creating a cohesive working environment. Contact us in San Antonio today to begin.

Project Beginnings

Lots of our customers come to us with simply a vague concept of what they’d like their construction to be. Others come with a clearly defined vision backed by finances and a plan. Wherever you are within the process, we’re here to help you! We facilitate the proper care of your construction and design project from beginning to end. Together, we’ll take every step with clear intention. We’ve helped masses of clients with everything from site assessment to securing capital and more. Talk to our team today to learn more about our project process.

We Have Solutions

Our holistic team approach allows us to find creative solutions for a range of problems our clients may have. We can provide you with:

  • Site and facility assessments
  • Comprehensive building analysis
  • Help securing capital through grant writing, new market tax credits, bond elections, and more
  • Assistance with having a site rezoned or working with the local government to get them on board with your project 

We’re solution-oriented and here to help! Open, transparent communication is one of our top values, and if you have any questions or concerns, reach out to our San Antonio team!

The Collaborative Design Process

The collaborative project process is at the heart of the archistruction™ method. It’s what distinguishes us from other architecture companies or construction teams. It’s not like anything else you’ll come across, and the inclusivity and conversation standards we strive for will exceed your expectations. Through the collaborative design approach, new thoughts and ideas are presented and examined, alongside budgets and schedules. We lend our ear to anybody who will be involved with the project. Our goal is to gather all of the information we need to layout a useful building and obtain the vision that you’re looking for on your San Antonio construction project.

Build-Integrated Architecture and Construction

Consider our designers and production undertaking managers as arms of the same body. They’re running collectively from the instant you sign your contract with us using the collaborative layout method. We set up a series of conferences and check-ins to help you know exactly what’s going on with your project at any given point. Then, we decide the overall site plan and create the specifics of the construction plan. Since we’ve collected so much information upfront, we’re much more capable than other companies of providing the exact service you need.

Our Unique Target Costing Approach

1. Accurate Cost Information

The more information we compile upfront, the easier it is to budget for the scope and scale of your project.

2. Value-Based Decisions

Every decision we make together is based on the values we’ve determined together. We’ll help you weigh decisions such as material costs, schedules, and more.

3. Transparent & Competitive Costs

We will always be transparent in our processes, including how we bid out work packages.

The Construction Process

During the construction project, our project managers take the lead, but they’ll be in constant communication with our designers and preconstruction managers. In truth, they all sit down collectively throughout the task, making interaction natural and organic. It’s a real partnership. Individuals of our design group speak with the field superintendent every day and are present to assist in providing assets that increase project value and make sure it’s completed in the best manner possible.

Why Choose Neenan Archistruction™ For Your Building?

After more than 200 projects, we’ve got the experience to improve care, streamline flow, build market share, and create places providers love to work every day. No matter the size or scope of your project, our San Antonio architecture firm can get the job done right!

Neenan Archistruction™ - Architecture & Construction in San Antonio

Archistruction™ is strange alchemy, and it turns visions into gold every single day. Our goal is to make your dream a reality through our revolutionary architecture and construction project management process. Archistruction™ is an experience, and we want to share it with you! Contact us in San Antonio today.