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What Is Archistruction™?

We trademarked the term “archistruction” in 1997 because there simply wasn’t a word for the innovative approach we wanted to take to architecture and construction. Typically, when your healthcare facility needs a new or reimaged space, architecture and construction companies will communicate almost solely through contracts and abstract theories. They often protect their interests rather than prioritize the client’s best interests. That didn’t sit well with us here at Neenan, which is why we developed our process of Archistruction™. Our goal is to make your vision a reality by providing a holistic approach to development, design, and construction. Learn more, and contact us today to start your build in Sacramento.

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Innovative Healthcare Architecture in Sacramento

With our healthcare projects, our goal is to bring a national healthcare experience to local Sacramento markets. We can build everything from community health centers to hospitals, surgery centers, and more. With our process, you can improve care and staff efficiency, optimize your spaces, and attract new patients to your innovative, cutting-edge building. We have completed more than 200 healthcare projects and will work closely with you to design a building that transforms patient experience while enhancing performance. Let us help you improve care, streamline flow, and build market share with your healthcare facility.

Project Beginnings

It is very common for clients to come to us at the very beginning of the project when their ideas are vague and they’re unsure of what steps to take next. We’ll take your idea and facilitate the forward momentum your project needs to come to fruition. We’ve helped hundreds of clients across the country with their building projects, working with them every step of the way. We can help with everything from finding a building site to assessing a building you’re considering buying, creating a budget, finding dependable sources of capital, and more. Here are a few common starting points for client’s projects:

Common Starting Points For Client's Projects
Architecture & Construction in Sacramento
You need help finding a building site
You need an assessment of your current space
You'd like an assessment of a building you're looking to buy
You're looking for help formulating a master plan for your building
You're currently creating a budget and design for a loan and need help finding dependable sources of capital
You'd like assistance with city entitlements
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We Have Solutions

Our holistic process includes finding solutions for a wide range of issues you may face during the building journey! We can provide you with:

  • Site assessment tools and facility assessments
  • Comprehensive building analysis to help with contract negotiations
  • Help with securing capital via grant writing, new market tax credits, historic tax credits, financing options, bond elections, and more
  • Formulating a master plan for your build

The Collaborative Design Process

We firmly believe that the most important part of our job is to help you achieve your goals. After all, it’s not about the building, it’s about what the building enables you to do. That’s why we work closely with everyone who will be affected by the build, from the staff community to your board members. We’ll talk through how you want the space to feel, what you want your healthcare facility to communicate to your patients, what the traffic flow will look like, and more.

The Collaborative Design Difference

We strive for the highest levels of inclusivity throughout the entire archistruction™ process, and our communication should far exceed your expectations. This level of involvement is unique in the industry, but it’s essential to making your vision a reality. We’ll schedule a series of meetings and check-ins to help determine the character of the building, then narrow our focus to site plans and building plans. When we have as much information as possible upfront, we can more accurately estimate all the factors that will come into play throughout the build.

Our Unique Target Costing Approach

1. Accurate Cost Information

The more information we compile upfront, the easier it is to budget for the scope and scale of your project.

2. Value-Based Decisions

Every decision we make together is based on the values we’ve determined together. We’ll help you weigh decisions such as material costs, schedules, and more.

3. Transparent & Competitive Costs

We will always be transparent in our processes, including how we bid out work packages.

The Construction Process

The interaction and communication between all of our construction and design professionals begins the moment you contact us and doesn’t end until the final walk-through. All of our designers, preconstruction managers, and project managers work under the same roof and work together throughout the project. This is unique to the Neenan’s Archistruction™ process, and you’ll find that through the construction process that our teams have a true partnership. Our designers communicate with the field superintendent daily and attend all of the owner’s meetings, increasing project value and ensure construction quality.

Why Choose Neenan Archistruction™ For Your Healthcare Building?

Open communication and feedback are at the heart of everything we do, and if you choose our team for your Sacramento healthcare building, you can trust that we will create a building that will meet or exceed your expectations. At the end of the day, our goal with our Archistruction™ process is to transform your vision into a reality and to do so in an innovative, revolutionary way. If you’d like to learn more or to get started with your build, contact our Sacramento team.

Neenan Archistruction™ - Integrated Development, Design, & Construction in Sacramento

The Archistruction™ process is an experience more than anything, and while we can describe our holistic approach, we encourage you to contact us and see how it works in action. You’ll work with an integrated team of highly trained professionals in the areas of design, development, and construction to build a space that functions better than you thought possible. Contact us today to begin your build journey with  Neenan Archistruction™ in Sacramento.