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What Is Archistruction™?

We trademarked the term Archistruction™ in 1997 because there wasn’t a word for what we wanted to do in the construction and architecture field. Archistruction™ is a disruptive force in the real estate industry, and it’s an experience we want you to experience. In a typical build, you have architects, designers, and construction contractors. These professionals work independently to complete their contracts, but often focus on serving their interests rather than the clients. We integrate these groups so that you have one single team made up of development, design, and construction professionals working together to transform your unique vision into reality. Learn more, and if you’d like to begin your healthcare facility build, contact Neenan Archistruction™ in Portland today.

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Innovative Healthcare Architecture in Portland

We’ve never been your typical architectural design or construction firm, and we’ve refined and customized the entire process of building healthcare facilities. Our company is based out of Fort Collins, CO, and over the years, we’ve completed over 200 healthcare facility builds in the Rocky Mountain Region and across the country. With our Archistruction™ process, healthcare providers can improve care, optimize their spaces, and streamline their flow. We work on community health centers, hospitals, surgery centers, and ambulatory facilities, all with the goal of supporting your healthcare delivery. Let us help you bring the national healthcare experience to your local Portland markets. 

The Archistruction™ Process - Turning Your Visions Into Gold In Portland

Integrated team of highly trained development, design, & construction professionals
Ideas and options are presented & tested to your entire staff community & board members
Establish the character of your building as well as overall site plan
Target costing to minimize waste & create value
Construction & design teams work side by side until the project is complete

Experience the Archistruction™ difference. Begin your build today.

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Project Beginnings

It’s very common for new clients to come to us with only a vague vision of what their healthcare facility could be, and it’s our job to get the ball rolling on your project. We call it facilitating forward momentum, and we’re here to keep things moving with intention from beginning to end. Our team can help with everything from finding a building site to assessing your current space, formulating a master plan, and more. 

We Have Solutions

We are solution-oriented and work to find solutions for all of your needs throughout the project. Whether that means site assessment tools or creating a design to help you get your site re-zoned for appropriate use, our team is here to help. Want to learn more or have a specific question? Contact Neenan Archistruction™ in Portland today.

The Collaborative Design Process

The collaborative design process is at the heart of the Archistruction™ process, and it’s what sets us apart from other Portland architecture firms. We strive for collaboration and inclusivity at all steps in the process, but it’s especially important to involve stakeholders from every aspect of the project in the initial planning process. We invite everyone from your staff community to board members to our presentation of new ideas and options for your building. This level of involvement is unprecedented in the industry, but it’s a key part of how we make your vision a reality. 

Build-Integrated Architecture and Design

During the collaborative design process, we set up a series of meetings and check-ins to establish the character of the building you would like designed as well as the major systems that need to be included. We then determine your overall site plan and then particulars of the building plan. When we have more information upfront, we can better estimate and plan for the factors that will come into play later in the process. From step one, our architecture, pre-construction, and construction teams are working hand in hand. 

Our Unique Target Costing Approach

1. Accurate Cost Information

The more information we compile upfront, the easier it is to budget for the scope and scale of your project.

2. Value-Based Decisions

Every decision we make together is based on the values we’ve determined together. We’ll help you weigh decisions such as material costs, schedules, and more.

3. Transparent & Competitive Costs

We will always be transparent in our processes, including how we bid out work packages.

The Pre-Construction & Construction Process

While many companies will want to dive right into design and construction, we have a built-in pre-construction phase. It’s part of how we accommodate your feedback and values into the project. While some clients prioritize a responsible initial cost, another client may value low-cost maintenance. We want to ensure that every decision made is based on the values you hold, and we’ll work together to solidify the budget and plan with our preconstruction and target costing approach. 

When we do get to the construction phase, the collaboration continues! Our construction and design teams all work under the same roof and our designers communicate with the field superintendent daily. They also attend all of the owner’s meetings, ensuring quality across all aspects of the project.

Why Choose Neenan Archistruction™ For Your Healthcare Building?

When you choose to work with Neenan for your Portland build, you’ll have a team that’s working holistically to achieve your goals. There is open communication and feedback through any channel, and we will set up regular meetings for review. Part of the process are predetermined design checkpoints to ensure that everything is on track, giving you multiple moments for you to sign off on our work. After more than 200 healthcare projects, we’re confident that we can create a great place for your patients and providers. 

Neenan Archistruction™ - Architecture & Construction in Portland

At the end of the day, our goal is to make your dream a reality and to do so in an innovative, inspiring way. If you choose to work with us, you’ll gain access to an integrated team of the most highly trained development, design, and construction professionals. We’re confident that we can create a space that both functions better than you imagined and fits your needs and values perfectly. Contact us in Portland today to get started.