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Can't we all just get along?

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Without a doubt. Thats what weve been saying for years. At The Neenan Company we call the way we do business Archistruction, in which we combine under one roof all the disciplines of commercial buildingarchitecture, logistics, finance, engineering, land development, construction and many more. Then we work together in an atmosphere of trust, honesty, integrity […]

How much responsibility can you take? A conversation with David Neenan on 2009 and beyond.

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“We are playing an infinite game” (David Neenan, 2009). Earlier this month we had the great pleasure of speaking with David Neenan, founder and now Chairman of the Board for The Neenan Company, about his reflections and visions of 2009 and 2010. Describing The Neenan Company asakinto“a doctor at theMayo Clinic– integrating heart, mind and […]

Vertical Integration — An old idea back with a vengeance

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Find out what you’re good at and do it. From a business standpoint, that’s generally meant specializing in one thing, doing it better than anyone else, and outsourcing the rest to the other guys who are good at what they do. A traditional supply chain of top to bottom control of production (think Henry Ford) […]

Design it. Build it. Inhabit.

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The building process seems fairly straightforward its scientific, logical, linear. But what about the art of building, of taking the process to the next level to create a physical space that makes for a more successful business and doing so on time and on budget? Both the science and art of the building process are […]