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Does Water Conservation Swim With the Fishes?

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In a recent town hall meeting, a Colorado Front Range official gave a presentation regarding water conservation. He stunned the audience with this revelation: Water conservation costs more than water supply. He gave the example of a typical 20-year-old home with bluegrass lawns and 3.5 gallon toilets. The cost to change a toilet alone is […]

Triple Cheers for Alamosa

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Similarly to the way the Sargent School District was able to apply triple bottom line thinking to great effect in their new school building, Colorados Alamosa Elementary Schools also worked with Neenan and the Building Excellent Schools Today (BEST) program to create an infrastructure for people, planet, and profit. From the real-world experience students got […]

Underlining the Triple Bottom Line at Sargent Junior and Senior High School

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School design is a great example of how triple bottom line thinking can make a difference. The adage that the real bottom line is people, planet and profit working in concert to amplify value expresses itself perfectly when it comes to creating the facilities that most influence the next generation. The new Sargent Junior and […]

Rethink: The Triple Bottom Line

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Popular wisdom now has it that sustainability means serving the triple bottom line — people, planet, profits. Its a wonderful, inclusive idea that started off in the business world back in the 1990s and has since caught on like wildfire in the green design milieu. It is just as it sounds–that success is measured not […]

Sustainability By Any Other Word

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Linguistically the word “sustainability” refers to support or nourishment. But to my ear, it seems to imply a lack of progress, as if supporting the weight of our material society is a chore rather than an integral aspect of the growth and change of living. We can thank the Brundtland Commission for adding it to […]

Getting to the bottom (line) of sustainability

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The Economist recently featured a piece on an increasingly influential management idea: the triple bottom line. This is an accounting system that goes beyond economics to also quantify the overlapping environmental and social aspects of doing business. To fully understand an organization’s performance, you must measure the impacts of the 3 Ps: profit, people and […]