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Design Rx: Beauty, Stimulation, Interaction

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Does your daily space make you healthy or sick? This is a question more and more people are beginning to ask. Characteristics like beauty or excitement can provoke body movement through buildings or neighborhoods that add up to real differences in our body weight and physical well-being. Good design can also create emotional satisfaction and […]

Urban Design Supporting Community Health

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It is common knowledge that your overall health can be affected by your surroundings. What about the health of a community of people, a city; how might their surroundings contribute to and improve their health? In the fall of 2007 the City of Richmond, California announced an ambitious plan to improve the health of its […]

Does healthcare reform = better health?

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The current 1600 page Healthcare Reform document, as a blueprint of the future of health care, focuses its reforming energies on three main areas — insurance, organizations and providers. More importantly, it focuses on reducing the restrictions of access to all three areas; We have written several different posts around healing designs, the ambulatory clinical […]

Trends to watch: Designing and Building Opportunities for Whole Health

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Space, especially seemingly empty space filled only with potential, matters intimately to Americans, who see every lot as a chance to change things, to build something new (Stilgoe, 1998, p. 176). How does one learn to be creative? How does one develop the ability to produce new ideas, to respond to problems easily and energetically? […]