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Pedaling to Greatness: Bike to Work Day 2011

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Remember Fort Collins Bike to Work Day? Weve been reminiscing about the June 22nd event and have come to the conclusion that we dont really need bells and whistles to get us in the saddle. Its just a lot of fun to spice up the commute every once in a while! This year included stations […]

Designing for Health in the Tweetscape: Highlights from #RethinkArch

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Recently, Aaron Sklar from design powerhouse IDEO lead the latest latest installment of Neenans ongoing #RethinkArch conversation on Twitter about how design can make us healthier in the workplace. Sklar is in the thick of looking at how behavioral change and design converge for wellness. IDEOs Change (+) initiative has identified that, We see a […]

Join the Conversation: Design CAN Make You Healthier! #RethinkArch

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We had a great introductory conversation about designing healthy workspaces in January. This month we’re thrilled to continue the discussion with design expert Aaron Sklar! Aaron works at IDEO creating change through design (particularly behavioral change and innovating for wellness). Join our #RethinkArch Twitter chat on April 14th at 4PM EST as we discuss how […]

The Active Design Challenge

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We talk a lot on this blog about healthcare; not just because medical facilities are such a professionally satisfying element of Neenans portfolio, but because were excited and inspired by the way that good design, across any programmatic use, can make us stronger and happier people. There are too many examples of well-intentioned building styles […]


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The management and production techniques and principles grounding a Lean approach are popular among people trying to run big organizations, like factories or hospitals. Lean principles originally came to light at Toyota in the 1980s and turned that company around. Running and designing ‘lean’ has a lot to do with crafting efficiencies and streamlining wasteful […]

Stand Up for Active Design!

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“Whereas infectious diseases were the gravest health threats of an earlier era, the largest killers of our time are chronic diseases such as heart disease and strokes, cancers, and diabetes, for which the leading risk factors are obesity, physical inactivity, poor diets, andsmoking. We are only now identifying and deploying the best environmental practices to […]